And Then There Were Four...

Sweet Little Aubrey!
Checked her teeth situation on Monday
and she had one top tooth popping through.

by Wednesday....
there were four!!!!!

If she can manage a smile
I think we all can!:)

Happy Thursday to you!!

{sorry for the bad photo...it's not easy blowing raspberries
on a belly to get a toothy smile
and then sitting up quickly to catch that smile!}

I hope this will be my last toothy post for awhile........

I Lost My Third Tooth...

...in Janey's words...
"I was playing on the landing with my toys
then I decided to wiggle my loose tooth with my finger

and then with my tongue

I couldn't feel my tooth
 so I looked on the ground and it wasn't there

 then I realized that it was in a different place in my mouth.

Then I called my friend Taylor
because he has been wanting me to pull it out.
And I called my dad. 

That night I drew a picture

and wrote a letter for the Tooth Fairy

{Dear Tooth Fairy,
You are probably wondering why I am giving you two teeth.
Beacuse I am giving you my first tooth too.
Love Janey}
Then I put, my tooth, letter and picture under my pillow

Can you see where my tooth is missing?

In the morning I found $1 and a note from the Tooth Fairy

Bye for now
The End"

{some photos staged for retelling  purposes :) }


Thank You Aubrey...

...for your perspective on the world
for making me see things through your eyes
for making me stop and slow down...
slow down to stare out the window for
15 glorious minutes
and listen to the birds
the trees
the wind
and the sounds of your sweet voice
I love you sweet baby girl!


Mommy and Me Monday...a Little Late!

Saw this idea about posting a "Mommy and Me" photo on Mondays...
then I couldn't find that blog again! 
{Has that ever happened to you???}

Since I didn't want that to go to waste...here it is!
{please ignore the "blown from behind sticking out hair look"...we do live in windy IL ya know!!;)}

Enjoy the day!


Books From Home Challenge

I had this idea in the middle of the night while feeding Aubrey...
really that is where some of my best ideas happen....

You see we usually take a weekly trip to the library
and fill our bags to the brim with new and exciting books
but what about all of the books we already have at home??
{And believe me we have a lot of books!}
They sometimes get lost and forgotten
in the midst of all the new and exciting ones.

So... in the spirit of loving what you already have
and being grateful for all the things in our home
we have decided to take a "Read from Home"
book challenge this week.  

Each evening we will read our nightly books from 
our own libraries!!  We tried this yesterday
and it was so great to revisit some of those old favorites.
So many snuggly memories 
wrapped up in those pages!

Come back on Friday to see what we have been reading this week!

Sidewalk Chalk Saturday

Saturday was a perfect overcast  day
A perfect day to bring out the chalk and
the creativity!

After a family walk around the block
the girls decided to give our driveway some 
character and charm
and boy did they ever

Our little city included everything from 
grocery stores to sky divers
I was at least glad to see my favorite store
made the cut!

Time to sit back and enjoy 
their work
and take a little time out for some "blading"!

How did you spend your Saturday?
Hope it was filled with color!


Friday Favorites Party

Chrissie is doing
a Friday Favorites Party...

Here are a few of mine...
Must admit this list took me quite awhile...what does that say about me....
I just love everything...
or I need to get out more! :)

1. Favorite Book - Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.  Can't take the credit for this one, Chrissie recommended it!  I love it and can't seem to read it fast enough!  Lots of great tips and insight for those of us who want to slow down the pace of childhood!

2. Favorite Baby Gear - I'm not one to spend a lot on baby gear but these two things are used quite a bit in our home.  Our Ergo Baby Carrier and our Floppy Seat.  Love Love Love them both!

3. Favorite Decorating Show -  I am hooked on Sarah's House which airs on HGTV, Saturday night at 7:30.  She is redoing a Farmhouse this season and everything is soooo beautiful!  Just my style and filled with charm and inspiration!  

4. Favorite Comedy - We could all use a little laughter right?!  Modern Family is our favorite!  Quirky and fun...just like a comedy should be.  The perfect way to get "Lost" (oh...ooops another Favorite snuck in there!)

{sorry...really bad photo!}

5.  Favorite Sweet -  Dove milk chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream...Edy's or Bryers YUM!

6. Favorite Time of Day - Morning...I am sooo not a night owl!  In a perfect world, I will be up about an hour before the girls and they will awaken one at a time to come downstairs for a morning chat and snuggle. 

7. Favorite Workout -  Spinning - took classes  years before Riley was born.  Loved everything about it...the music, the burn, the sweat... hoping to get back to it someday.

Ok...there you have it.  A few of my favorites!  Don't forget to check out Chrissie's blog for some more...

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday!

Hmmm...this looks like fun...
I have an idea...
can you guess?
why chew on it of course

oh that feels sooooo good

yep...that's the spot
this is a little silly I guess
need it back mommy?
ok...I'm done!
moving on to laundry now...
oh yeah... this is softer

but not as much fun to chew on

but I think I know what I can do with this

how about a hat???

Hope you are smiling your way 
through  Friday so far!

and if you need another reason to smile
head on over 
for a beautiful give-away!


Big Day

Today at breakfast Aubrey used the sign for "more"
all by herself!!!
The girls and I were very excited!
We immediately started cheering and clapping for her!
Big Day Aubrey!
Can't wait to see what sign you make next!!!:)
Did you ever use baby signs with your children?


Procrastination Wednesday

Today  is the day for me to finally
checkoff some of those things
 that have been hopping from one weeks 
To Do List to the next.

First heard about this idea of Procrastination Wednesday years ago  here
at the FlyLady's website.
She has loads of great info for getting 
your home in order and

love love love it all!
If only I had the time to do it all!!:)

So...my main jobs today are:
 to get our picture wall updated with new photos 
(I'll post a picture when I'm done...you'ld think that would motivate me right!)
take out the glass from the fireplace and clean it
and pack up some clothes for Goodwill

it's not like these little procrastinated things
are really even that hard to do....hmmmmm?

Do you have anything to do that you have been putting off?
Want to join me on Procrastination Wednesday???!!!:)

{Pretty picture from Country Living 
meant purely for inspiration and enjoyment!}


The Joys of Jury Duty

Dave had jury duty last week and
when he was released early on Thursday
he came home to surprise me with the
PERFECT gift...
alone time...for me...on a Thursday?!
{lots of yippees and squeals of delight}

so I headed to one of my favorite "far-away"
shops for just that

Now this store is quite a ways
from our home,
and with a nursing baby left behind
there was not a second to loose

I enjoyed the beautifully  silent drive
and the only ladies I occasionally heard
were in one...
{photos from Flickr}

After lazy walks through the shop
taking it all in
I came upon these little signs
and just had to have them
I love what I saw on the Nesters blog
about having encouraging 
and uplifting sayings
around your home, 
so these had to come live with us
(signs stacked for photo purposes only...they are indeed spread throughout the house!:) )

I also found this wonderful wreath for our front door

It was a wonderfully uplifting alone kind of day...
who knew jury duty could do that!

Have you had any good old fashioned alone time lately?


Weekend Glimpses

What a wonderful weekend we all had
we spent it together
mostly outside
getting little projects done
like weeding
and big projects done
like WINDOWS!!!!
Feels so good to be able to look out on spring time
through crystal clear glass 
(thanks honey!!)

We took walks together each morning
and played outside with friends

We chased shadows
discovered new places
had deep conversations

found new toys

and mastered old ones



we visited art shows

and shared...

some of our masterpieces.

What did you do this weekend?
Hope it was a wonderful one!