happy halloween!
this felt like the halloween that almost didn't happen.
we had rain all day and the forecast was a dismal 100% rain expected for the evening, but lucky for us the clouds parted for just a bit and we made it almost all the way around our block with only a tiny sprinkle.

::princess sofia::

aubrey loved this night and went from house to house like a pro!
she had a blast and didn't let the rain slow her down at all. 
so cute to see her check that her candy was nut free before putting it in her bag.
we had to tape her amulet on to ensure it wouldn't fall off.
she was a little over protective of it i think and kept her hands on it most of the night.:)



expecta patronus

this costume was a loooong time in the making.
in fact, i think she started planning for it and bookmarking pages last october.
she was so excited to finally wear it and kept saying "i've been waiting for this since forever!"
perfectly adorable hermione don't ya think?

::nancy drew::

perfect costume for my mystery lover.
she has devoured every nancy drew book...at least twice!
a first for us this halloween...she was invited to a friends house after school for a party, dinner and trick or treating. the party and dinner were fine...but she had to be home with us for the good parts!:)
and really...i think she wanted it that way too.
i'm not ready for those days yet!!!

two poor attempts at night time shots, our "leave the candy and run" front door and our neighbors, best buds and partners in candy acquisition for 7 years now.

back home with our loot and our most interesting find of the night.:)

hope your night was filled with sweet treats too!


{Pumpkin Men, Class Parties and Carving Our Masterpieces}

::pumpkin men::

dave and aubrey put together our pumpkin snowman this year.
we haven't done that in a few years and she thought it was the funniest thing.
she got a little grossed out during the drilling and dowel part but she got over it.

here's a little peek at the first time we built one in 2006.

here comes jane in my shoes to help.

why oh why didn't i get a better picture?:(
::class parties::
so lucky to be able to pop into aubrey's pumpkin party.
one of the many things about staying home with these angels i am most blessed to have...flexibility and freedom. (thank you baby!)
they had five little centers:
fishing for treats
sweep the pumpkin down the hall
bean bag toss
pin the nose on the pumpkin
and trick or treat...where they drew a card to do a trick for a treat.
not the greatest pictures...but a lot of sweet memories.
anyone else totally wigged out by plastic teeth....ahh...shivers....:)
she looks so shy and nervous sometimes.
but always smiles for her best friend rachel:)

lucky me...i helped at janey's party too.

hermione and her best friend the cupcake.
tough to get these two in one shot in a crowded classroom.:)

::carving time::
look out for daddy's with pumpkin gut removing drill attachments:)


seeing those pumpkin discovery faces never gets old.
love riley's as aubrey takes a peek.:)
one last hug before the faces come.
and yes, i do have a sentimental one who is sad to carve her pumpkin.
throw it away in november too for that matter....any guesses??!!:)


meet two harry potters and the silly girl.
have a happy day,