{Bridging, a New Patio and a Spa Day}

janey is a brownie now
her little bridging ceremony was sweet and simple
she was so proud that she was chosen to carry in the American Flag

we love you little brownie janey brooke

we finally got our pathetic old cracked patio fixed
we put it off for a year cause
who wants to spend all that money on something as boring as concrete

we made it a bit bigger then the original one and
we love the extra space and the finished product
someday we would love a roof over this baby
with a retaining wall
a built in kitchen and
a pizza oven
it's always good to dream right?

the girls put it to good use right away
nothing like a little sisterly teamwork to get the job done
lucky aubrey

we checked a really neat book out from the library
it had tons of great girly things to do together
and we are all about that these days
oatmeal honey mask anyone??

have a happy day,



so what did you think of Oprah's final show?
it may sound weird, but I cried like crazy and couldn't delete it.
it was beautiful
thought provoking
and the perfect ending
i thought.
I see you.
I hear you.
What you have to say matters to me.

i love this quote of hers
if i was super creative and artsy i would have made a totally cute sign and had it printed and framed and shared it with you all.
instead i just printed it in a pretty font and hung it on my kitchen window.
a beautiful life lesson for us all.

have a happy day,


{Bridging and Bubbles}

hi there!
Is it June yet???:)
We have had a jam packed love filled last couple of days.
two field trips
dance recital pictures
daddy out of town
plus all the regular things that go on every day
but trying not to complain too much
that's just life right?
pretty soon it will be summer and our days will be wide open...yikes!

Riley is a Junior now!
She bridged over last week at a quaint little ceremony in the park.
With a real wooden bridge and everything.
It was so sweet.

Any of you guys Girl Scouts?
I went all the way to Cadettes...I think.
It was fun and so far the girls are loving it too.
They are both in pretty laid back non-patch crazy troops.
Just perfect for us.

Dave went on Janey's trip to the zoo last week and I went with Riley all the way to the Children's Museum in Indy.  We had a lot of fun. We let the girls use the small digital camera.  I think together they took close to 300 pictures.  Most of them silly, blurry and of quite odd things.  I decided not to even bother trying to edit any of them.  Take my word for it...they had a blast.:)

Aubrey had her first bubble experience last night.
Not quite sure what has taken us so long.
Riley was there to lend some expert bubble blowing advice.

Aubrey was so cute.
She would actually blow a bubble and then giggle and try and chase it.
Not much soap ingesting either...bonus!

What do you think?
A bit of bubble blowing overload for ya?

Have you been watching Oprah's final shows?
I usually DVR it and try to squeeze it in after bedtime...Dave loves that.
I can't believe it will all be over today at 4!
Wish I could watch it live but we have dance after school!
I know you're so glad you'll get to watch it tonight too right honey??

We have exactly 5 little days of school left.
I'm actually quite excited.
I know this is going to be a great one.
I just feel it.

have a happy day,



hi there
day going well?
now that blogger seems to be up and running we can all breathe a sigh of relief
back up your blog yet????
one more thing on my to-do list.....:)

yes she propped her baby up there

aubrey and I have been enjoying our last few days at home alone
folding laundry all spread out in the middle of the family room
the usual

i don't know what to do with this little peanut's hair
we trimmed her bangs once
but i don't know if I want to keep doing that

she won't keep a clip in it either
so we have these constant "hair in face" pictures
oh well, i'll keep her

we have had some crazy weather here
highs in the 80's last week and wicked humidity
even broke out the snow cone machine

this week the highs are in the 50's-60's
i guess that's spring for ya
honestly i'm not complaining
a few more weeks of cool before the sweltering heat of summer sounds good to me

my sweet little janey was a bit sad this morning
she complained of feeling sick, but mama's intuition told me otherwise
i think she really just wanted to stay home with aubrey and i
so i sent her to school with a note for her teacher and some emergency mints in her pocket

we decided to surprise her for lunch
she smiled the biggest shy smile ever when she say us and said "i had a feeling you were coming today"
instead of eating lunch in the cafeteria we signed out and went to our favorite park
we had a car picnic since it was a bit chilly

it was such a pretty day
and we were practically the only ones there

i tried taking a picture of all of us
but there were too many squirms and giggles and
my arms weren't long enough

do b&w's really make you look less squished...and wrinkly!!:)  haha

janey took this one

obviously right????

it was a beautiful day and
just what we needed
only riley and daddy would have made it better

have a happy day,


{This and That}

well...another 10 on 10 came and went and guess what?
i never got my pics done
anyone surprised??
i'm not!:)

let's see...i managed a few and then the events,
the happenings
the mishaps
the love
of the day took over and here i sit with a few miscellaneous pics and tons of random thoughts

so here we go....
aubrey is talking like crazy these days
some of my favorites are
"strawbees and bluebluies"

oh and "thanks mom"

we have two wonderful teachers this year
we thanked them on tuesday with some gerber daisy goodness
i love gerber daisies don't you?

i can never and i mean never get on the computer when aubrey is awake
if i can squeak out a second i have to stand and lean over the keyboard or she climbs in my lap and
up on the desk and
into the cabinet.
i tried bringing up an old keyboard for her to play with
didn't work

do you know our alarm goes off at 4:25!
is that crazy or what??
we workout for an hour and then dave gets ready and heads to work and then i get ready before the girls wake up around 6:45-7:00
i have had this crazy schedule (except when babies were small, someone is sick or company is in town) since before i was married
dave became a morning person, much to his dismay, by default
if you ever want to call me it is never too early but don't dare call after 9 cause we are out!!

riley had to do a time-line of her life for school
it was a lot of fun and she did an amazing job
looking through old pictures and finding the ones of her holding her new sisters brought me to tears at least 5 times....dear Lord, how we want one more....

feeling hungry?
dave made the most amazing healthy dinner tonight
veggies and fish steamed in a foil pack on the grill
loved it and
the clean-up was perfect

so there you have it
a little bit of this and that
brought about by a failed 10 on 10 attempt
maybe next month....

have a happy day,


{Mother's Day Glimpses}

Hope your weekend was extra special and filled with love!
I know mine was.
My day started with breakfast in bed.
Of course I had already been up for about 2 hours, showered and all , but I jumped back in 
for the morning fun.
My breakfast was so yummy and made with such love.
When the girls saw how fun breakfast in bed can be, they asked daddy for a turn...and being the wonderful super awesome guy that he is....he provided just that.
So here we are...my three littles....and a few Squinkies!

ahhh...the suspense...


the homemade goodness and love was overflowing
I am so truly blessed by this little family of mine

after a day of being together I was treated to a scrumptious dinner,
but then again, they all are rather scrumptious in this house.:)

After dinner we headed outside for some fun.

I love being a mom. I felt a calling as a teacher, but I know right now, this is the place I am meant to be. Home with these three. Our days are not always easy, there is not always smiles, but there is always love.

Happy Mommy's Day to my own mom who is out hiking on the AT.
Being adventurous as usual!
I love you!

you can read about our last mother's day here 

have a happy day,


{This Week}

lots of little things going on this week
anything from after school haircuts to good friend's babies being born
life is good
but starting to feel the busyness we call "end of the school year" creeping in
one foot in ending school and wrapping up the year
one foot in summer and planning all the fun
kind of enough to make your head spin
but life is good!!!

wednesday Janey had bring a friend to lunch day
she wanted us all to be "her friend"
and who can say no to this face!!

it was fun to share a picnic lunch together
wish the weather had been a little more cooperative
can you tell it was a bit chilly?

 {lovely seeing your roots in a photo....i took care of those this morning!}
tears were shed when it was time to go
Aubrey was so sad
Riley was the only one who could make her smile

oh how i love these three

later we had our final wednesday night church activity
bounce houses
hot dogs
popcorn and snow cones

we all slept good that night

hope your week was a good one
have a happy day,