{Insta Friday week 18}

::a quick peek at our week::
(photographed by riley)
(of fall!)
we are so looking forward to this long weekend!
we have zero soccer and loads of rain coming.
perfect time to:
watch and
hope your week was wonderful and
your weekend is even better!
have a happy day,


{A Happy Morning and a Picnic}

hi there.
feeling a bit calmer then i did tuesday.
maybe i am just accepting this new normal that is our afternoons.
today we tried bringing some quiet toys up to her crib and leaving on her little light so she could play and read in bed.
it lasted about 3 minutes...."mom...i'm done!"
now she is reading in jane's bed with her reading light on.
maybe that will buy me five minutes!:)

i loved this post from julie the other day.
loved it so much i printed the printable and have it hanging in the kitchen.
it may just find a permanent place on our picture wall.
we have been chanting "best friends forever...no matter what".
a lot.
i just love it.

aubrey has been sleeping in most mornings which gives these two a chance to bond.
it also makes for a quieter mellower start to our day.:)

she typically wakes up right before we have to get in the car...i change her...hand her her smoothie and away we go.

yes she's climbing on the banister and
yes that's quite a bed head don't ya think?

janey asked aubrey to babysit felicity while she was at school.
lots of instructions about clothing, food and playtime...being a mom is tough!:)

it's been weeks since i picked up my real camera.
i think every little thing i learned at photography class went straight outta my brain.
back in automatic.

i guess at this point i am just glad i picked it up again.
something else to add to the "to-do" list i guess.:)
but it's all good.

it was riley's turn for lunch this week.
we picked her up and went to the park for a picnic.
it was a really pretty day.

when it was time to drop her back off at school they must have said goodbye and kissed 15 times.
then riley got out of the car and waved goodbye through the window.
then as she was walking up the sidewalk she said, "bye mom...love you...tell aubrey i love her!"

last night my best friend's mom had a stroke.
she is not doing well and we are all worried.
and last night our dear friends had a beautiful healthy baby girl.
life is just so funny like that.

have a happy day friends,

{thankful for}
1. life...however crazy and complicated
2. love...of all kinds
3. sunshine to warm us
4. shade to cool us
5. food to feed us


{what's up?}

oh lordy i can not get a thing done!!!:)
don't know why i said that...it just popped out...as i sit here ...the first minute i have sat down alone and i hear little miss chatter box calling me from her room...
"mom...mom...i want out!!! i don't wanna sleep...!!!:)"
mind you she slept two days in a row when daddy put her down...so not fair!

here is one of my favorite pictures just to make me feel a bit better


and here we are today...
i told her to make a sad face, crying face ,
then smile.
this is what we got.
seeing her sad face on camera actually did cheer her up so i guess that worked.
right now she is playing wonder pets...saving stuffed animals and pretending to be ming ming...
anyone else love that show?!?!?!:)
it can be contagious though...dave and i find ourselves singing that way around the house often!!!:)
...this is serious...

this girls and i walked in our small town parade this weekend.
dave and aubrey got to be spectators and collect all the candy.

nothing beats small town parades.:)

we watched soccer in the heat on saturday and i have come to realize that the only way to keep them somewhat happy on the sidelines is to have tons of ice cold gatorade, popcorn and fruit snacks!! sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!

i haven't worked out in over a week and it is starting to get to me!
i hurt my hip somehow...exercising...lifting and carrying aubrey...combination of both...not sure...but it has been such a downer.
when your mind and body count on that loud music endorphin pumping alone time each morning you really miss it when it's gone.
i went to see a chiropractor yesterday and i feel a bit better. 
hoping this does the trick.
off to put away laundry and change the sheets on the bed before the girls get home.
with a three year old...
this may take awhile.:)
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. a morning at the park with friends
2. dave will be putting aubrey down tonight...back to school night for me:)
3. a new free printable from julie
5. a car to drive me to get chocolate:)


{Insta Friday Week 17}

a quick peek at our week.
felt like i didn't take many photos.
with the first week of school behind us it sure has felt like a looooong one.
aubrey is in this big fill and dump stage right now
this is how our family room looks most days


it's picture day today
hope your week was a good one.
have a happy day,



boy soccer was crazy last night.
and i mean crazy.

it was the kind of evening where the combination of
spilling popcorn,
glaring sun,
opening and closing umbrellas,
squabbling sisters and melting three year olds almost did me in.
how long is this season again?

but then i hear janey say things like "i can't wait for soccer tonight" and hear riley pumped about a game and i know it is all worth it.
in the end.

aubrey and i tried something new today.
we graduated ourselves up to the wednesday story time group.
we are no longer part of the tuesdays two's...pardon me while i cry a bit!:(

our class was full of new faces and friends to get to know.
so far we are both liking this new little adventure.
we checked out some old favorites today like this one.
and if you have a picky eater in the house like we do, this one will make you laugh.
and this one is just beautiful.

aubrey was calm, and sweet and loving today.
i think it was the early to bed and sleep in morning that did the trick.
we snuggled and played puzzles,
read some funny new books and laughed, and
dug out some oldie but goodie toys from the basement.
it was so peaceful.

we ended the evening with an easy sandwich dinner,
soccer for riley and dave and
a two-man talent show in the basement for jane and aubrey.
i was the videographer and designated flower thrower.

tomorrow we are heading to see janey for lunch for the first time in third grade and we can't wait.

have a happy night,

{thankful for}
1. packed lunches
2. almost finished my catch-up summer posts
3. something new
4. mcdonalds cokes
5. aubrey napped



today aubrey and i took an "impromptu mid afternoon we gotta get outta the house" trip to the park.
we climbed,
we slid,
we played rescue,
we collected rocks,
we climbed the bell tower and
we ended at the zen park.
can you hear us exhaling deeply over here??

it was good.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. moms to chat with
2. water
3. being present
4. tunes
5. health


{Our First Monday}

the girls got to sleep good and early last night so they woke up all smiles and ready to start their first real week of school. janey had a fun "me bag' homework assignment to work on over the weekend.
i love the things she chose to represent herself.

just grace because she loves to read and thinks this one is really funny
 stone from a mancala game because it's her favorite game and she always wins
 blue crayon because she loves to color and blue is her favorite
 calico critter because they are on of her favorite toys to play with
  pencil because she loves to write stories, plays and lists
 puzzle piece because she is the puzzle queen
 soccer medal because she loves soccer
 dance picture because she loves to dance and tumble
and family pictures because she loves her family:)

packing these babies is not one of my favorite things to do.
i think that's why i'm always on the hunt for cute containers and goodies to add inside.
anything to make this daily task more enjoyable.

the girls love getting notes and jokes in their lunchboxes too.
there are tons of links out there for free printable ones.
here are some of my favorites:
chickabug printables

we made smoothies almost every day this summer.
they were the perfect mid morning snack.
this year i am going to try and make them each morning for breakfast.
i think it's the perfect way to get riley to eat bananas and janey to eat raspberries and blueberries all at the same time:)

after drop off the three of us headed to panera and meijer/sams to grocery shop.
it seems likes it's been a looooong time since we have enjoyed this slow simple time together.

checkout these adorable containers we found today.

i could not resist their overwhelming cuteness.
they should add a little pizazz to tomorrows lunch.:)

of course we had to ride sandy the horse with our free cookie in hand lots and lots of times while daddy checked out.

both parking lots we visited today had just been resurfaced.
what are the odds of that?!?
that meant lots and lots of trips balancing up and down those freshly painted bright yellow lines.

dave gave me the sweetest compliment after we got in the car at sams...after i had walked behind aubrey at least 4 times while she walked up and down those lines...he told me i was so patient with her...that he probably would have rushed her along into the car...that felt really good.

we were going to go out for lunch but after the hustle and bustle of the weekend and the morning we decided to just stay in and have takeout.
it was the perfect first monday of the school year.

hope your monday was perfect too.
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. my new postal pixc that came in the mail today(thanks nicolle!)
2. a home full of groceries
3. sweet words
4. a fun find at tjmax
5. routines


{Insta Saturday Week 16 }

::a quick little peek at our week::













hope your week was a happy one,