{Talent Show, Baking and Ma's Visit}

backtracking just a bit and catching up on some of the things this little blogger has missed.
our little town held it's second annual talent show a few weeks back.
both of the girls did a little number with a friend.
it was such a fun night.


they both had so much fun and it was such an encouraging environment, i think there might be a few more of these in our future.
dave kept the girls busy while i was in florida.
it was great coming home to not one but two kinds of homemade cookies.
and he even took pictures.

we loved our visit with ma.
there was lots of puzzle making, song singing, story telling, movie snuggling, and game playing goin on those few days.
 and we even squeezed in a month early birthday celebration.

goodbyes are always hard.
we love and miss you...come back and visit soon ma.

have a happy day,




{soaking up the rays in sunny fl}

it's just me.
popping in after goodness knows how long.
seems like forever really...

my best friends mom passed away on the 7th and time has done a dance between standing still and racing on since then.
that week was spent making plans to leave and getting things in "order".
which a funeral will tell you quickly... there really is no "order".:)

i am not a fan of sad.
no one is i'm guessing.
but i really don't like it.
never catch me even watching a sad movie these days.
so it was hard being confronted with it all.
all that thinking.
all that evaluating.
your own parents funeral.
your kids at your own funeral.
any way you look at it...ugh!
but i made it and i'm so glad i went.

it was good to be with my girlfriends again, even though times were anything but happy.
we vowed that next time we are together there would be spa trips, moscato, magazines and dinners out.:) i've got my sights set on that about now.

came back to town and dave left for a work trip...then his mom came to visit...and the girls were on spring break...yeah...you get the point.:)

hoping to catch up on your life and mine soon!

have a happy day,


{Salsa, Chicken Tacos and Fiesta Stuffed Peppers}

do i have your mouth watering with that title yet??:)
i was lucky enough to get to eat all those goodies this weekend...sorry you only get to read about them. but don't worry...recipes included.:)

remember when we visited javier's in dallas and stumbled up on that amazing salsa verde recipe??
well dave made the habanero salsa this weekend.
this stuff is amazing.
and that is saying a lot cause i usually love dave's homemade salsa anyway.
he also agreed this one was over the top and so much easier. (his words!:))

dave did substitute a jalapeno for the habanero so that i could eat it.
what a guy!:) but other then that he pretty much followed the recipe.
the corn oil adds such a new dimension. it's pretty amazing.
all my spice loving friends out there...please make this salsa!!:)

bad picture...yummy salsa.

and if that wasn't enough for a saturday, he then took a chicken he had brined over night, split it in half and roasted it. made some fresh guacamole and created one of my all time favorite meals.

chicken tacos!
then...on sunday he used the same salsa and mixed it with rice and ground beef and made fiesta stuffed peppers.
super yum too!

so did i convince you yet??
now go try that salsa!
have a happy day,


{A Beautiful Book}

janey and i were at a bookstore date on saturday and happened upon this little beauty.

we plopped on the floor to read it and honestly...she had to finish...i was too choked up to get the words out.
simply beautiful and


it has an award winning short film to go along with it.


have a happy day,


{Insta Friday :: week 9}

::happy friday and happy march friends::
this weekend feels way over due for us.
it's finally here and we are thrilled.
dave's been swamped at work so he needs it most of all i think.
riley is at a sleepover tonight and we miss her terribly but janey and i have big plans to snuggle up with season one of little house on the prairie and then later i'm curling up to finally begin season one of downton abbey.
i am super excited about that. in my usual style i am years behind what's "cool and in",
but better late then never i guess.
dave says....hmmm...little house and downton...looks like a snoozer tv night for me!:)
::here's a quick peek at our week::
 such the studious one.
jumping into homework right after a snack works best for us.
what works best in your home?
puzzle queen

aubrey loves play doh...let me introduce you to my homemade cake complete with straw candles, cheese pizza she rolled out, tossed in the air like daddy and baked under the chair, and an elephant in a pink cage at the zoo. she also made pink and yellow worms for her imaginary pony rainbow to eat.:)

we call this the spooky scraggly tree.
we see it every time we walk into school.
come on already spring!

i have been answering the same silly question every morning for months.
who's this??
they always want to know whose on their flinstone's vitamin.:)
i think it's time we watch an old episode on you tube don't ya think?
riley fell at soccer this week and hurt her wrist.
we spent a few hours at the doctors today but i am happy to report it was only a contusion.
nothing a new cushy wrist brace from walgreens can't fix.

would this bug you?
aubrey can loose a sock mid morning and walk around like this the rest of the day.
i find it rather funny:)
hope your week was a wonderful one,