today was a good day
lots of smiles, laughter and an auntie anne's pretzel
seriously what could be better right?

riley is a crazy reader
she goes through almost a book a day
last night we told her to stop at 8:30
when we went to bed at 9:30 she was still reading
but it is sooooo hard to get mad at her for that
the other night i came in and she was in tears
the book had moved her so much
i love that
till the morning that is
when she is grouchy from lack of sleep

this morning i went to wake her up at 7:15
and she was already awake
she even brought this one to breakfast

tonight we are being stricter
8:15 lights out
or else!!!:)

aubrey is saying the cutest things these days
she can use the words "share" and "now" in context
every morning when we drop the girls off she says
"janey...dool" (school)
she pauses for effect between the words and nods her head down on "dool" with such emphasis and expression
it cracks us all up

today on the way home from the mall aubrey and i listened to this song over and over

i remember the girls singing and dancing to it when i was pregnant with aubrey
they said they would sing it to her when she was born
they did
that song makes me happy and sad all at once

riley and aubrey really bonded today
they played doll houses
groovy girls
and little people
riley even did her hair
she was so patient and kind
it really made me happy

later, aubrey sat in riley's room and helped her pick out her school clothes
riley even set her up with some reading material while she showered

bathrooms are always entertaining for some reason

and speaking of entertaining...

i think we have a little builder on our hands
and a proud little builder at that!

after dinner aubrey and i were playing and she kept saying
"mommy bee..mommy bee"
turns out it was "mommy pee!"

hey...daddy's in the tub with his cell phone for goodness sakes...
and on that note...goodnight!

have a happy night,


{Weekend Glimpses}

happy monday!
we had a great weekend...daisy style

janey and i had our very first daisy camp out this weekend
what a fun time we had
in spite of  the rain, cold, tornado sirens and hail
we all had a wonderful time!!

 {i was a bit nervous about leaving the littlest, but she did just fine without me}

we were treated to a yummy pizza dinner
manicures and pedicures
hair-bow and lip gloss making
twister and hoola hoops and
bowls of yummy candy
what more could a room full of daisies and their moms ask for?

{i thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure...janey couldn't stop giggling long enough to enjoy hers!}

saturday we went on a nature walk, 
made bird feeders and
wind chimes

{thankfully not till 5th grade!}

{using my old camera...things are a bit blurry}

my favorite moment of the whole trip had to be snuggling in my sleeping bag with janey
she told me that she loved me and thanked me for coming
i think it was me who should have been thanking her

hope your weekend was filled with snuggles too
have a happy day,


{This is the Stuff}

this little song has become our new morning mantra

"in the middle of your little mess
don't forget how big your blessed"
have a happy thursday,


{Weekend Glimpses}

it seems these weekend posts are getting later and later in the week
i keep trying to get my act together
really i do!:)

we got most of our big list done
taxes are the only thing remaining
i guess that was an easy one to make last
those HAVE to be done right?
tonight is the night

our weather was simply beautiful this weekend
we played with friends
shared a lemonade stand
went for a walk
played at the park
rode our bikes
and cleaned out two bags of goodies to donate
life is good!

these two shared quite the photo worthy moment on sunday
i love it when the big girls slow down long enough to really enjoy aubrey

right where she is
doing her thing

sometimes she spends so much of her time running to catch up with them
i love it when they pause a moment
just for her

must be spring

someone is back

i swear they can't hear us when we call them for dinner

but they can hear this music two blocks away

hope your weekend was a happy one,



today is much better then yesterday
does that happen to you?
you have a really stinky day and
the next day is always better

quite frankly, i love how that works out
maybe it was the whining to all who would listen
maybe it was just getting it out and letting it go
anywho, thanks for listening and
sharing my "unfocused-scattered-mind-lack-of-gettin'-it-done" pain
it really did help

yesterday aubrey and i went to the mall
we did the usual...visit the gap...wonder where the puppies went to and then have a pretzel
all was good until....

she had the biggest and i do mean biggest fit
right in the middle of gymboree and then proceeded to continue this fit
through the mall
past the easter bunny and
out into the parking lot

i was carrying her with one arm and trying to push my
extremely heavy 9 year old stroller with the other

i rolled with it pretty well i think
i mean come on, it's not like it hasn't happened to me before and it's
certainly not like it won't happen again
it was just her first
she's quite good at it i must say (not to mention heavy!)

today we decided on a stay home day
maybe if we put some time between the mall fit and our next trip out
all will be forgotten?!?!

i caught up with a dear friend on the phone this morning
one of my besties and a friend i dearly miss
we have been through so much together
babies and
all the glorious life stuff in between
we are planning a girls trip back to fl sometime this summer
as soon as little missy decides to wean.....
i really can't wait
for the trip that is ;) wink wink

aubrey and i surprised riley for lunch today
we were a bit early and
as we waited outside her door aubrey kept peaking in
she got riley's attention and then made the cutest little shy face
the teacher invited her in and she sat in riley's lap for about 5 minutes till lunch
they both were in heaven i think

the girls are off from school tomorrow and
dave is taking the day off too
we are going to work on fun things like
mulching flower beds and
booking our family trip to fl
all but the last one sound pretty boring to me
but we'll  feel good when they are done. :)

hope your day was simple and sweet
with no mall fits
have a happy day,


hi friends
how was your weekend?

ours was good
lots of sunshine and smiles
a few things checked off the list
and some fun thrown in too

i've got to be honest though
i feel like i am spinning my wheels a bit
always running behind
trying to play catch up and getting no where

my everyday to-do list is leaving no room for my
extra major to-do list
can anyone else relate?
i feel like all those things i want to get done never seem to
i'm not talking super fun things either like a pedicure or lunch out with my friends
i'm talking things like organizing pictures on the computer, and maybe even printing some of the hundreds from the last two years, finishing my 40 bags in 40 days, reading my camera manual, updating aubrey's barely begun baby book (hello, she is almost 2!) and the list goes on and on.

i'd like to think i am a pretty balanced person
then why is it so hard for me to get my act together?

i know this little one takes a lot of my time
and believe me i wouldn't have it any other way
i guess i just need to get better at breaking my big jobs
into more manageable little pieces
and accepting the fact that some things just have to wait

and wait they will!

have a happy day,


{A Good Day}

friday was a good day.
we ignored the cloudy skies and pretended that it was glorious and sunny.
the sun is trying with all it's might to peak out, and a beautiful weekend is in our forecast.
we have a pretty ambitious to-do list
everything from clean the girls rooms to go on a family walk
i have a feeling the walk might win

aubrey and i went to panera this morning
and then wandered around hobby lobby a bit
we saw tons of gardening goodies that really put me in the mood for spring

after doing a bit of cleaning
we decided to play around with the camera a bit
goodness i have been soooo lazy with my camera lately.....
we sure do kiss a lot i think

aubrey and i watched dvr'ed elmo on the floor together during lunch
we never do that but for goodness sakes why not?
it was fun
she had a cereal bar and some oranges
i had leftover homemade spinach pasta with oven roasted tomatoes
you can tell how much i liked it

those little feet are dancing and she's singing lalalala lalalala elmo's song

after our lunch
we ran over to school to surprise janey for her lunch
she was very excited to see us
aubrey made herself right at home
climbing all over the tables and all
lunch was fun
leaving was sad

aubrey is talking up a storm these days
she has the cutest little voice and a giggle that could make anyone laugh out loud

we surprised the girls with a movie night
we told them it was an oldie but goodie from their past
we made them close their eyes and loaded up an old barney we borrowed from a friend
they tried to be polite and act excited
then we yelled april fools and loaded up our new copy of tangled!
they loved it!

hope your friday was good too
have a happy night,