have you seen this?
janey's teacher sent home the link and we have been mesmerized by it.
it is really quite hypnotic and peaceful to watch
aubrey keeps going over to the computer to take a peek
every time she hears a sound.

now that's the real way to nest
no email
no blogs
no internet
or tv
just you
your home
your babies
and your man.
ahhh....sounds lovely

have a happy day,

seems to be a silly ad right when you open up the link
 open it up later on your own computer
we have been watching it all day without a single ad.....


{These Days....}

i can't seem to keep enough books in the house
i think between them, the girls read over 20 chapter books this spring break
janey is really into this series by patricia reilly giff
riley is on the third book of this series by liz kessler and
aubrey loves brownie and pearl by cynthia rylant
i also started reading this delightful book by Steve Voake out loud to them in the evenings
we all love it
what books are your children really into these days?

have a happy day,


{Spring Break Glimpses}

happy sunday friends
we have had a busy fun filled week
lots of shopping
lots of play
lots of reading
lots of cleaning and decluttering
lots of smiles
lots of love

the girls were on spring break this week
so just like during the summer, my one and a half hour nap time/alone time
changed to watch me dance/paint/play/ride time
but that's ok
it's all good

dave happened to be out of town last week too, which was a total bummer
but we made the best of it
pancakes for dinner and all

the girls really wanted to go to chicago with daddy for the week
but the thought of the four of us wandering around the city by ourselves all day really didn't appeal to me that much...is that bad?

so to satisfy their need for a hotel bed and pool, we surprised them last saturday and took them to indy for the night
{they love it when we surprise them with a trip we have done it three times before, once even to disney about three years ago you should see that video it is priceless}

we had a ton of fun swimming,

having a fancy dinner out 

and  eating tons of ice-cream

I even got a chance to wander around Anthroplogie
never been before and wow
that store is awesome
way to pricey for me, but still fun

everything was great till the power went out in our room 
our whole side of the hotel actually
we spent about four hours in the lobby with 100+ other people 
lots of basketball fans and a few girls soccer teams
the girls loved it cause they kept bringing out free food to make everyone happy
i guess they figured bags of sun chips and bakery fresh cookies would do the trick
it did
for awhile
finally at 11:30pm we could take it no more and got another room
we were holding out to try and get our suite back 
but instead we all had to squeeze into a regular room 
dave had to be escorted back to our original room by flashlight and
had to carry all our "stuff" up and down 8 flights of stairs
did I mention it was dark
and late
it was after midnight before we all got to sleep
lets just say no one moved till well after 8
everyone was smiling after our free breakfast and
another trip to the pool
they comped the room and gave us another night for free
so I guess all the drama payed off in the end right?

we spent the rest of the week doing all the little things we love to do
and adjusting to our crazy spring weather
we went from shorts on tuesday
to being snowed on coming out of panera thursday morning

riley dressed aubrey up for a photo shoot

pretty cute if i do say so myself

hope your week was a fun filled one too
minus the drama that is...
have a happy night,


{I Love My Life}

happy tuesday friends
we had some gorgeous weather yesterday
dare i even say "hot"
the girls were all running in and changing into shorts
complaining about the heat

last week i picked up riley from school and we headed out to get a birthday party gift
it was so nice to have this time alone
we chatted about the day
uninterrupted by others
she told me all about typical third grade drama
recess fun
who teases whom
we wandered from store to store
holding hands
I asked her if she would still hold my hand when she was 15
she said "sure why wouldn't i mom?"
love that

as we were pulling out of the parking lot
she said "I love my life!"

she said it with such genuine joy that it seriously almost made me cry
i told her i love mine too and that we should always remember how truly blessed we are

i love this little girl
and she is growing up so very fast

i hope you had a "love my life" 
kind of day too,


{I Love a Day...}

when chocolate pudding makes everything better

when simple things make you happy

like straws 

and ice

when backpacks, coats and shoes are immediately dropped at the door
to play an imaginary game of "student escape" 
and the sounds of "Say, Say my Playmate"
are loud and clear

 when smiles melt your heart

and are followed by hugs and laughter

 and even the big girls snuggle up for Elmo.

Wishing you that kind of day too,

*****again, sorry for the blurry photos*****


{Weekend Glimpses}

*****sorry for the blurry pictures...blogger issue again?!?*****

Are Fridays part of the weekend in your house?
Well, they are here....especially when they look like this

Guess all that dancing in the kitchen really works.
The skies were clear, blue and full of sunshine!!

Aubrey and I headed to one of our very favorite places...can you guess?
We stocked up on cleaning supplies and other little goodies.

Aubrey and I spent the rest of the day doing a bit of this

and a whole lotta that

Dave surprised the girls with a bag full of yummy goodies for movie night.

Saturday began with some late sleepers and early morning snuggles

Riley had a Brownie function and Dave and Janey worked on her recycled animal project. Each student has been researching an animal, and as a culminating activity, they were to build a replica out of recycled materials. How about that Bottlenose Dolphin?

a bit of spray paint and wa-la

someone else felt like they needed a dolphin too...

Sunday was lazy, low-key and ended with one of these...

a perfect weekend in my book.

Hope your weekend was perfect too,
Have a happy day,


{The Sound of Sunshine}

Have I mentioned that it is gloomy here?
I mean the sun has not shone for literally a week!
the words
depressing and
down right blue keep coming to mind.
We are all feeling the effects of our vitamin D deficiency.
The only thing that makes us feel any better is playing this video 
over and over, 
really loud 
in the kitchen
and dancing like the sunshine really is coming down.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
Have a happy day,



Hi there.
Feeling like I have been a bit MIA lately.
Lost one of my published posts last week...opened up my blog and poof...it was gone.
There were comments already there and everything.
Weird and totally frustrating....ahhhh...blogger!

Anyway...our weekend was good.
Relaxing and rainy, and a bit gloomy.
But Dave did make this and these.
Perfect rainy day bad for you goodies don't ya think?

{Aubrey had to join in the picture taking fun}

The girls both got new shoes.
And Aubrey got a new bike helmet.
Now all we need is the sunny warm weather.

Since Dave is home on Monday's we had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
So wishing I had brought my camera.
Aubrey is in love with chips and salsa.
Usually she clutches the same soggy chip through most of lunch
dipping and redipping.
She is way more happier and content eating here then at home.
I think she needs a big batch of chips and salsa at every meal.

Picked up 96 cases of Girl Scout Cookies on Monday.
We sorted and counted and got all of our orders ready.
Got your cookies yet?
We have a few extra if you need some!:)
Can you guess what my favorite is?

Loved Sarah's post from yesterday.
It really got me thinking about being present.
I never got my "word of the year" post out in time....but if I did, my word was going to be present.
I struggle with that word a lot.
Maybe it's my personality, maybe it's my curse, but I have a hard time just sitting and being.

Yesterday, Janey was home with pink eye and a bad cough, so it was the perfect day to practice.  Because if there is anyone who will bring the "presentness" out of you it's Janey Brooke.  She will talk your ear off, love you like crazy and accept nothing less then your full attention. The funny thing is, it takes really very little to make my three little girlies feel happy and loved.

sit at the little table for tea parties, play doll houses, dress and redress her babies
and unlimited nursing

watch her dance and tumbling moves, get under her covers to snuggle at night and willing accept her 5th, 6th, and 7th goodnight hugs and kisses

paint her nails, help her clean and organize her bedroom and listen to her practice her recorder or read out loud.

Sounds pretty simple huh? And I know these are the things they will remember
Not the clean house.
Then why are they so hard to do sometimes?
What are the simple things that make your little ones feel loved?

{an oldie but still one of my favorites}

And speaking of Sarah.
Are you guys doing this?
I am getting some big bags today and working on my list.
I can't wait.
It may take me closer to 80 days to get it all done. My hour and a half naptime only allows for so much!:)
I'm thinking if I get all my spring cleaning done, then spring has to come right?

Have a Happy Day,



loves to giggle
makes everyone smile 
calls her sisters RiRi and JaJa

loves elmo
climbing on the dining room table
and lollipops

carries a baby most everywhere
loves to stack and restack her colored boxes
 gives great kisses

and we love her



Yesterday we copied this great craft project.
So much fun and oh so colorful.
Exactly what we needed around here.

Hope your day is colorful too.
Have a happy day,