{Spring Break}

hi there...boy living life sure can get in the way of blogging sometimes huh?:)
well we survived daddy's 5 day absence and headed right into spring break.
let me backtrack a bit to some wonderful moments i want to celebrate and remember.

janey was part of a math team at school.

last thursday they had their competition.
we are so proud of you sweetie.

riley's fourth grade show was last thursday as well.

she was the recorder leader for her class and took her job very seriously.
she didn't miss a beat and performed like a star.
we are so proud of you too sweetie.

i love this photo of janey filming riley on her ipod and aubrey's face when she finally found her in the crowd.
be still my heart...

we are having a pretty laid back spring break this year.
a lot of our neighborhood friends went out of town and although the girls were sad...i think it helped to make the week a little more about each other.
i like that and i think in a way, they do too.

our weather was picture perfect which made for hours of this,

and this,

and this.

we ventured out to a new park when dave was away and fell in love.
we've been back 4 times already.
the sunsets here are amazing.

 {classic aubrey expression}



{still trying to master those action shots;)}

we are looking forward to our last few days of spring break and enjoying every minute of it.
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. the birds chirping in the morning again
2. leaves appearing on my aspen trees
3. mellow time together
4. cinnamon rolls
5. lunch out in the middle of the week



ok...before i go on, can i tell you how much that february header is bugging me???;) i tried to do a little photo shoot in the park last night with rainbow colored balloons and everything...park closed at 5:00...rats!!! no where near the "golden hour"of light. we will try again soon.....
i feel better now that i got that off my chest!:) haha

another beautiful day!
blue skies and lots of warm breezes.
almost felt a bit like summer, but i'm not complaining.:)

like my new song?
you can see the totally cute video here.
i love it like crazy!!
i am not kidding one bit when i say that i played it at least 10 times this morning before the girls were even up. something about unloading the dishwasher and packing lunchboxes to a rockin' song that makes my whole day happy. try it tomorrow and your morning might look like this...

i think my photographer was dancin' too...we are a bit off center and headless at times:)

is this shirt the best or what?

i love that it was the only shirt she wanted from the gap.
don't you wish we could all walk around in a shirt like that!:)

aubrey and i played and cleaned this morning and then went to see janey for lunch.

she wanted to bring "brownie" along but luckily he waited in the car....buckled into his seat of course.

we spent some time outside again.
i just can't resist these days.

she was asking me to help her down the rock wall here and giving me very specific instructions as to how i was to assist her down. then she said...."actually i think i'll just stay up here and drive my castle".

i love when she says "actually". :)

tonight it's pasta for dinner and probably more outside play with friends.
pretty good for a wednesday night don't ya think?

the girls and i are reading this book together in the evenings and trying to finish it before daddy gets home...then we'll rent the movie.
i am waiting for this to come in at the library...but i think i'm like 36th on the list.
hope i make it before the movie comes out.
hope your wednesday was awesome!

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. easy dinners
2. texts from friends
3. reading with one big girl on each side of me
4. ceiling fans
5. macadamia body butter



today was beautiful.
we even saw 77 on the thermometer....what?!?!?!?!:)
it was glorious from beginning to end.
a get outside and play kind of day.

and play we did.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. sunshine (i think i've been using that one a lot lately)
2. a trampoline in our yard
3. a good hat and sunglasses
4. ice cold water in a stainless steel cup
5. clouds


{Weekend Glimpses}

happy sunday to you.
i feel really on the ball...getting my weekend post out on sunday.:)
i think it might be a with it kind of week...kind of has to be...my baby is going away.
mama needs to be on her game 24/7.
planning meals and cooking them...plus all the other stuff i do.
i know most of you do the meal thing every day...so i will get my inspiration from you!!:)
on with the weekend...

we had a wonderful friday, and a good friday always counts as part of the weekend around here.
aubrey and i spent friday with some good friends at the university expo.
the girls had so much fun.

the girls got to see many different kinds of insects, bees making honey,
dig for fossils and touch lots of animal bones.
my girlfriend and i joked that their favorite part was the car seat-free bus ride and playing on the big tree while waiting for the bus to pick us up.:)
it was a fun day filled with lots of smiles.

on our way home aubrey and i took all the back roads.
the day was just perfect.
our favorite bumpy bridge ride was extra wonderful today.

friday night riley went to a birthday party.
it was a sleepover but she had decided earlier in the week that she wanted to come home after dinner and the movie were over.
well...we got a call around 9:30 asking if she could stay and sleepover....!
oh goodness...a big mama moment i was totally unprepared for.
i knew this day would come soon enough....just didn't think it would be that day .
she asked so respectfully and confidentially, that we decided to say yes.
then i hung up the phone and cried!!!!

we decided not to tell janey who was waiting up for her because we knew there would be tears.
and there were.
saturday morning she crawled into our bed asking where riley was.
when we broke the news....she cried and cried.
i think it had more to do with not getting to share this first time experience with her big sis.
i think she thought their first sleepover would be together. :( honestly, so did i.

it felt so strange in the morning without riley there to do all the saturday morning stuff with us.
when we caught a glimpse of her walking across the street (at least she was close-by) the girls ran to greet her.

i can't tell you how much i love this picture!

she had a good time.
and i am hearing things about seeing a 3 something on the clock before they went to sleep!
but that explains why she fell asleep on the floor saturday afternoon and doesn't remember being carried to her bed for a 3 hour nap...slept till 9:30 sunday morning and took a 2 hour nap on our bed sunday afternoon.
oh the price we pay to party!!!:)

janey and i dreamed of bathing suit weather and then got ready for party number 2 of the weekend.

the big girls were so excited to visit their old stomping grounds...little gym...and aubrey was as fearless as ever. we went for pizza afterwards and had such a wonderful time.

the big girls slept in till after 9 sunday morning.
dave went for bagels and we enjoyed a quiet morning with this peanut.

she loves her bagels...and sharing daddy's cream cheese.

when these two finally woke up they went straight to their favorite things.

sunday afternoon janey had party number three and got to swim her little heart out.
riley played a groggy-eyed soccer game and we spent the rest of the day chillin' with a blankie and arthur.

and we ended the weekend with...

i thought of you nicolle when i took this sangria shot

dave's exotic scallop and pancetta pizza
i stuck with pepperoni and cheese:)

our weather was so glorious we couldn't have asked for a better spring-teaser weekend.
does it feel like spring in your neck of the woods?

all photos were edited on the cool new site picmonkey.
have you checked it out yet??
hurry on over, it's pretty awesome!

hope your weekend was a happy one,

{thankful for}
1. good friends
2. sunshine
3. spring in the air
4. music that makes you feel good
5. deep breathes......