i love my girls.
the other day riley was in a blessing mood.
she cleaned and organized her room like only she can do and then proceeded to bless her sister by cleaning hers, folding her sheets down for the night and putting away the mountain of laundry she let pile up. she did it while janey was in the shower so it was such a wonderful surprise for her when she came into her room to find her nightly chores already completed.
this makes my heart so very happy.

janey wrote her this note and made riley's bed the next day.


today we are keeping the girls out of school and taking them to the big city to visit the american girl store.
janey has saved her money for many months to buy the doll of the year...mckenna...and she has been planning this day since the moment she saved her first dollar.
sadly, we found out last night that all of the dolls sold out of the stores.:(
janey was heart broken and shed many a tear since picking out just the right one for you is half of the magic.
after drying her tears and giving lots of hugs we convinced her that it was a good thing she checked last night, she had some time to prepare herself and time to place that order on-line. who knows if they all would have been sold out if we didn't find out till today.

and to make the day even better, we are picking up two of my besties who had a teaching conference in chicago and bringing them home for a weekend of good food and fun.

i have a feeling this weekend, filled with some of my favorite girls, is going to be a wonderful one.

have a happy day,


{It Was a Happy Thanksgiving}

ok...so i'm a week late.:)
but it was still happy.

so glad my parents could visit.
we made sure to get lots of books poppy would enjoy reading while we were at the library.

and lots of root beer for his speciality dessert too.

aubrey actually preferred reading to maggie.

when she wasn't "run run running as fast as you can" with mimi.

we spent the morning watching the parade and the dog show.
we still keep waiting for our beloved golden retrievers to win!!:)
mancala championship was in full swing.
looks like poppy might be the only one paying attention.

things sure were smelling good in the kitchen.
aubrey's job this year was the rolls.
janey was in charge of mashed potatoes and brining the turkey.
riley made the cranberry compote. (the night before and i missed her picture!)

our weather was so beautiful we even managed to squeeze in some outside play too.

1:00...it's go time! and he did it!
and no that's not sparkling apple cider in his glass!!:)

no fancy serving bowls here.
we believe in simple.:)

mashed  potatoes & gravy
cranberry compote
butternut squash
creamed peas and onions
crescent rolls
scalloped oysters 
that was a new one this year and only the guys ate it!
cornbread stuffing
and pumkpin pie and fresh whipped cream for dessert

janey read the blessing the girls wrote.

glary photo that happens when you get sick of red curtians and rip them down in a frenzy without anything to replace them.:)

dancing after the big feast to one of mimi's favorites off her ever popular mix cd's.

later we were looking for the ipad.
guess who had it?

the perfect way to work off all that goodness.

then about 4:00 the house looked like this.

but that's a whole other post.:)

hope you thanksgiving was simple and filled with thanks and giving,



well today at 3:00 the girls vacation officially began.
five glorious days together.
we started it on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn and this movie.
totally cute.

tomorrow morning we all get to go to panera and the library.
the girls are super excited.
this is the "big library" the next town over and they don't make it there all that often during the school year.
then we are home to play hotel and get the place ship shape for our company.
my mom, dad and maggie their golden will be arriving around dinner time and staying almost a week. we are all super excited. so on that note...i will be turning off the computer, working on that Christmas list and soaking it all in.

hope you have a safe and wonderful thanksgiving with your families.
thanks so much for your friendship,

{thankful for}
1. lunch boxes packed away
2. all my girlies home
3. company
4. a great school
5. tea


{Weekend Glimpses}

happy thanksgiving week!!
won't be long till we'll be eating turkey and starting our shopping.
janey and i headed out saturday morning and i told her i could already feel the rush beginning.
she told me to just enjoy it...it only comes once a year!:)
good advice baby.

we had some of riley's soccer club over for a pizza party and canned food drive in our neighborhood saturday.
they girls had so much fun doing this together and they collected a ton of cans!


of course they loved dave's pizza and he agreed to make it for them every time they win this year.
i have a feeling this might be our best season yet.

sunday dave made homemade pasta, sauce and meatballs.
he loves to search around for new recipes and add bits and pieces of them to what he already does.
this time he added ricotta to the meatballs and they were extra yummy.

i never made it to my originally scheduled movie, but i did see this one!
have you seen it yet?
i must say out of all of them it was the best and i enjoyed my two hour escape from reality.
if you are planning to...don't read any of the reviews...it has a fun little twist!:)

hope your thanksgiving week starts off slow and peaceful like.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. time with my girls one on one
2. a quiet sunday morning with dave
3. old friends
4. new lip balm i love
5. popcorn, m&m's and the movies


{Insta Friday week 27 and 28}

a quick peek at our week(s)
 aubrey is a stacker for sure...this time it was yogurt with a giraffe nutcracker on top.
whatever keeps you happy while grocery shopping right?:)


i loved this moment...riley was tell aubrey a big "when you were little" story at breakfast.
janey loves nutella...we all cracked up when we saw this rather !!exclamatory!! drip on her chin!
aubrey had to be distracted at the library from her major fit over legos with not one but two kitty stamps from our favorite librarian.:(
 i love hot glue

my favorite "there is no chocolate in the house but i really need some" go to snack.
pretty bowl from target a must.

thank you baby
those are mostly love notes on the left and janey's stitched pocket of love coupons on the right.

no leaves left
not one

number learning
 birthday lunching

pony reading

sister reading
franklin and harriet...perfect.


this one's for you megan

are you a fan?
hopefully this weekend??!!:)
we finally made it
and it was yummmmy!
hope your week was a happy one,