did you watch the academy awards?
i only caught a wee bit.
we go to bed way too early to see any of the "good stuff".:)
but we did manage to catch this trailer.

(don't forget to pause the music down below...)

we are always up for a good disney/pixar movie.
throw in a strong heroine and we are there!:)
can't wait till june.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. 60 degrees and sunny today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. wearing a hoodie instead of a fleece
3. lunch with janey and a drive-thru coke
4. 3 trips over the bouncy bridge this morning with aubrey while looking for geese
5. floor puzzles

like my new header?
inspired by sarah at clover lane...again!!:)


{Weekend Glimpses}

it was a good weekend.
lots of good eating, needed chillin', cleaning and playing.
janey transformed herself into sally ride for a biography project and riley and i snuck away for a sunday date. with riley you know the mall was involved.
as i was taking that picture of aubrey she was in the middle of this big story about that little guy being lost in the forest looking for his babies...oh how i love play like that.:)

this made me laugh.

and no one gets our house flossing like the tooth fairy.;)

maybe the upgraded $2 molar fee riley earned will inspire janey to donate the 4 teeth she has saved in a bag...waiting...for what i'm not sure.:)

what did you do this weekend?
hope it was wonderful.
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. janey's effort...she put her all into that project
2. aubrey's giggles
3. when the big girls love on the little one
4. catching up with a friend
5. a new candle



hi friends!
happy friday to you.
today it is dreary, rainy and cold.
certainly can't complain with the winter we have had...but seeing the sun makes all the difference to this florida girl.:)

have you tried these muffins yet?

not as healthy as homemade i'm sure, but a yummy alternative for a busy school morning.
we have had the cinnamon streusel and the blueberry.
something about the smell of muffins baking in the morning to get two sleepy girls out of bed.
works every time.

riley has been feeling tired and sleepy the last few days.
of course you would think this would convince her to go to bed early without reading at night.
but...no....sometimes her light is on after we go to bed.
it takes all my mommy power to resist telling her lights out go to bed NOW!
but i want her to make those decisions on her own.
i think she is old enough really.
what i want is for her to learn to say..."i'm tired, what i need is sleep".
not another half hour of reading.
i guess some grown-ups have a hard time with that though huh??:)
this morning as she sat there all groggy and fuzzy eyed i had her tell me some words she was feeling...a little morning note to her night time self.

she added some more words of her own...we will see if it helps tonight.:)

finally picked up my camera today.
tried to mess around in manual and go over some of the things i learned in class.
ready for waaaaaay too many pictures of aubrey??:)

this is really not the best picture...but we have been doing a lot of this lately.
biting our nails.:(
guess she is taking after the other june-bug in the house.

see that little boo-boo on her hand?
she has asked me every day for a week..."where dat come from? can you tell me about why dats dare (that's there)" i honestly have no idea where it came from and i'm seriously running out of plausible stories.:)

meet pearl.
as in Brownie and Pearl.
we walked into the candy store one day and and aubrey let out this delightful squeal and ran to her, picked her up and said "look mommy, it's pearl!"
you know that little kitty had to find her way under our Christmas tree.

i practiced a bit on pearl...cause she sits still.:)

why is it so hard to get them to look...and smile?
when i asked her to look "right here" and tapped the side of the lens this is what i got...


maybe if i lay you flat on your back and stand over you...will you look at me then?
tickling that belly helps too:)

that top left one..with the eyebrow slightly raised...riley has that same look;)
love it.

so what are your weekend plans?
the big girls have a girl scout event on saturday and riley has a soccer game on sunday.
other then that...not much on the agenda.
i would love to get a weekend glimpses post out...for ol' times sake:)
we will see how that goes.
ha ha

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. subway lunch out with riley
2. it's friday
3. returning motivation
4. snuggles with aubrey and pearl
5. a yummy dinner planned for tonight


{A New Workout}

a few of you were curious about my new workout that has single-handedly taken up all my blogging time, so i thought i would share.

i started this workout about 6 weeks ago.
i got it from my wonderful library after seeing one of her other dvd's on an infomercial.
i have renewed it three times, returned it, and then checked it out again...i guess i may need to buy my own copy at some point huh?

the workout is an hour long and i love it.
there is a killer arm workout, an awesome lower body workout as well as an ab series.
it's not a cardio routine by any means, but you still get your heart rate up quite a bit.
afterwards i head down to the treadmill for 20 min of cardio.
tracy has quite a few segments on youtube that are great too if you can't find the dvd at your library.

i have seen a few changes and that is motivating.
i think i would see more if i could keep away from the mint chocolate chip ice cream and fountain cokes...but life is too short to deny yourself all of those little pleasures right?!?!:)

do you have any workout routines you are loving these days?

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. warm muffins for breakfast
2. neighbors who make you smile
3. forever friends
4. hide and seek
5. a clean car



pardon me while i dust the cobwebs off and shoo the chirping crickets away from my little corner of blog land.:)
other then the dreaded computer crash of last summer, i can't remember when i've been away this long.
and i'm not even sure why really?

maybe it was the holiday hustle leading into janey's party that did it.
maybe it was that new picture wall i was determined to get done (which looks A...MAZING!! btw!)
maybe it was the new workout routine i started and love which is eating up all my morning alone time.
maybe it was just this love/dislike (hate is waaaay too strong a word!) relationship i have with blogging that i know most of you can relate to. i love the memories captured, the bonds of friendships made, the creative outlet. but ironically so, those beautiful, wonderful things sometimes come at a price don't they? it may not be a huge price...but it's still there though right?? and honestly, blogging is one of those things for me that once i "press pause"....it is soooo hard to get back into. anyone else get that??:)

so anyway....i am back.
i have missed you all and the wonderful happenings of your lives.
i am grateful for your friendship and please don't take my absence as indication of otherwise.:)
thanks so much to everyone who checked in on me...sometimes more then once...
that was so very sweet and made me feel amazing!:)

and just so you know ...the big girls aren't driving yet and aubrey still has some remnants of baby talk!
we've still been doing all those little things we love like:
movie nights,
sister sleepovers,
playing at the park and riding our bikes, (yes in the winter!!)
trips to panera and the library,
...and the mall,
baking and eating yummy things,
and loving each other.

please bare with me as i backtrack a bit to remember all the bigger little things like:
janey's 8th birthday
our one and only "kinda major-ish" snowfall this winter and
love day

oh...and please bare with me as i am reminded of all those bloggy things i need to update like:
my header,
my "way super old don't even have short hair anymore profile photo,
and our sidebar pics:)
but i'm keeping the song...it just makes me way too happy:)

oh and speaking of pics...i did take that photography class and loved it...just haven't practiced much yet...see what i mean....out of it!!!:)

ok..now i'm just rambling

thanks for stopping by and not forgetting us and...

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. good friends
2. a warm home
3. a mild winter
4. exercise
5. my girls


{love day}



scavenger hunting



hope you had a happy, happy
love day!!