oh how we dreamed of this moment.
our first glimpse of the disney gates...squeals abound in the car right now!!:)

 the hotel christmas decorations were pure disney...enchanting and beautiful.

all settled in and armed with our new wrist bands we were ready to walk to the  boat dock for our first real ride that would take us to downtown disney.

stopping along the way to collect a few sticks of course.

almost every time we have gone to disney we have stayed at the port orleans.
so pretty.

after a fun dinner, a trip to the lego store and ice cream for dessert we headed back to our room to rest up. tomorrow was gonna be a big day!

ready to catch the bus!
smiling through those tired eyes!!:)

we waited in quite a few looooong lines this trip.
nothing a fun hand game with big sis couldn't cure.

this just gives me chills!!!
i've seen it a million times...but it never grows old.

they picked aubrey to be one of the enchanted plates in the story time with belle show. she was beyond over joyed and so brave too!!

my camera was giving me a fit...argh!!

then it was off to see more princesses before the fireworks began.

i just love this one of aubrey...think she could have taken cinderella's job...she was not the cheeriest of princesses that evening!!:)

firework time!

we pushed this little adventure as long as we could...someone was getting sleepy!
and honestly if someone had been wheeling me around i probably would have closed my eyes too!:)

what a magical day!

we all cried as we walked out of those disney gates.
not knowing when we would be back and realizing that it might be at least a few years made us all sad!:(

goodbye disney.
thanks for the memories.
we'll be back soon...we hope!!:)


{Christmas in FL}

 even after a sister sleepover all in the same room...yes all...and waking up at 3:00 am to see if it "was time yet?" they still have those sleepy Christmas morning smiles i love so much.

her gift to janey she actually kind of fell in love with:)

blinged out first cup of Christmas morning tea.

we surprised the big girls with new cameras. 
perfect for disney right?

  so riley says to aubrey..."you can have the old silver one!"


we are ready now!!

my sister in law gathered all the cousins for a little photo shoot.

i remember reading "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see" 
to nicholas (the older one)...goodness how time flies!:)

thank you florida family for a wonderful Christmas!