{Still Computer-less}

well, we thought thursday would be the day
but NOT!
looks like it will arrive sometime monday
but with my "number one computer hooker-upper and chief chef" out of town till wednesday that really does me no good now does it

hoping to be surfing the web again soon
or maybe not....i've gotten a whole lot more done without it...:)  haha

have a happy day,



the beach at last!
we've all been dreaming of this day.
the first time we step foot in the sand.
it's been way too long.

we miss you poppy joe

thanks for the memories
see you next year


{We're Home}

we had a blast in fl
the sun
the sea and
the sand between our toes was just what we all needed

i have already trudged through the ten+ loads of sandy laundry
the suitcases are packed away
and we are into summer mode
kind of

i must admit a trip right after school gets out has it's advantages
and disadvantages too
all those papers that come home on the last day...
well they were waiting for me
right where i left them
why someone didn't come over and put them away i'm not sure:)

we still have no computer:(
it should be here on friday
fingers crossed
the only time i can jump on dave's laptop is after the girls are in bed (or a day like today when aubrey power naps...not typical) and honestly that is the last thing i want to do then
i'm a morning person remember??

i must be honest i am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that lies ahead for me
when that little box arrives
all the pictures to download
the blog posts to catch up on...because my brain can not jump right into summer posts until i have backtracked the end of may...could you?

i have missed all of you like crazy and hope you have not forgotten me:)
i promise to catch up on all your posts soon
stay tuned for more to come
i promise to be back soon....

have a happy day,


{Daddy's Day}

we sure do love our daddy
hopefully we shower him with that love everyday
not just on the day

this year dave's special day began on the sofa where he spent a leisurely morning catching up on DVR'ed episodes of Diners Drive-ins and Dives
there was a "rapid-fire hand-delivered-so-speedy it blurred the photo" homemade breakfast
of course

sometimes it's hard to tell who is more excited about the gifts around here
the giver or the getter??:)

we were most proud of the daddy love book we made this year
i first saw the idea in Real Simple Magazine
it was for mother's day, but we adapt well :)
i started with a blank, hardbound book we got at michaels
we put in all the saved love notes and art work the girls had made for dave through the years
i'm not a big saver when it comes to most things
but i can't part with any of this kind of lovely homemade goodness
it was so amazing to look at 9 years of daddy love
to see all the memories
the love
the growth
right there in one place
what a keepsake this is going to be
{i bought a blank book to put my things in too...is that bad?!?!:) }

here is a quick sneak peek inside

all that love took up quite a few pages
but there are lots and lots of blank pages waiting to be filled
can't wait to watch this book grow

needless to say, dave loved it!

to the greatest daddy in the world....we love you!!!!
today and every day

happy daddy's day to my sweet daddy too
we love you poppy!


{Aubrey is Two}

my baby is two
seriously how can that be?

our friends came over for a low key party
aubrey loves a party and loves when our friends come over
so it was perfect
she is quite the social butterfly

{sorry...all of these pictures seem to be blurry....ahhhhh blogger!}

when we asked aubrey what kind of cake she wanted she said "strawbee"
we made this cake
and it was super crazy delicious!
the girls had fun decorating it too

it was so funny to watch her as the cake was being sliced and served
these expressions are so classically aubrey
she is a watcher and a learner that's for sure

she held on so tight to that strawberry shortcake girl the whole night
and yes she ate that whole piece
we all did
i told you it was delicious

she loves to tell us to close our eyes for things
"mommy...close eyyyyyyes"
so of course it was fun having her do the same before we brought in her big present

baby got a new bed
and she loves it

she also got this little baby that goes in the tub

bubbly goodness at it's best

We love you so very, very much Aubrey Kate.
You make us smile, laugh, slow down and basically appreciate life just a wee bit more.
You are truly a blessing and a gift!
Happy Birthday to You...our sweet baby girl!