we usually go to story time on wednesdays in the neighboring "big city".
last week we started attending tuesday story time in our small little town too.
it was fun and i thought it might be a good way for aubrey to meet some little ones that might be in her kindergarten class in two (sniff sniff) years (sniff sniff!).

after that we went straight to pick up janey for lunch.
it was a beautiful day and one of the first times we have actually been able to get out of the car and run around the park in quite some time.
hide n seek was the game of the day.

tag...you're it.

oh this little ragamuffin of mine has a mind of her own.
and she doesn't mind sharing it.:)
it wasn't easy getting these two to stop long enough for a photo.
so glad i captured this one though...look at the love!:)

we came home after dropping janey off and scootered, and swinged and jumped.
why does 79 suddenly feel so hot??
just kidding.

silly little computer/email issues
sheets to be put back on beds
crumbs everywhere i look....
but that's life right?
then i get a call from the preschool we really wanted aubrey to attend next year.
as of yesterday they only had afternoon spots and i was so torn about what to do.
i just couldn't wrap my head around mornings as usual then bringing my winding down needing a break 4 year old to school.
but guess what....someone changed their mind and now we got into the morning class!!!
i feel like it is the best little news we have gotten in so long!
my heart is singing and my mama mind can rest.
we have a plan for next year.

even though i much rather be doing this all day.
have a happy day,


{Weekend Glimpses}

happy monday friends.
yep...those are possible right?

saturday morning riley and janey and i headed out for a quick trip to target/kohls/and the mall.
are you laughing because a quick trip to those three places is kind of impossible??:)
well, we were home by lunch and to us that's pretty quick.

each of the girls got a few things.
funny how different their taste in clothes are.
i love that though.

aubrey needs actually zero things in the clothing department.
i spent about 3 hours thursday going through her closet and the big boxes of hand-me-downs from the basement. we are oh so thankful that the clothes we pass along to our niece make it back to us, plus some. i should have really taken a picture of the mess that was her room that day with piles and clothes spread everywhere but i was a girl on a mission. funny she played tea party again right in the middle of it all. stopping to comment occasionally on how pretty things were.

this weekend we also rode our bikes/scooters a lot.
played in the back yard with friends and met the sweet new neighbors behind us.
watched harry potter two.
and had two soccer games on sunday and dinner out at cracker barrel.
the pizza place we were planning on hitting was carry out only.
bummer, 'cause i was really in the mood for it.
but the good thing is, dave's making pizza this weekend.:)

mom, aubrey kept saying, "this is kinda like goin on a big hike isn't it?":)

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,

 as for those goals this week:
i found a place to print my instagram pics.
and made the book
and ordered it!
the whole process was pretty simple and to me that's a good thing.
i just kind of did it and clicked "order".
i knew if i thought about it too long i'd talk myself into hunting around for different options...blah blah blah and it'd be a whole 'nother year till i finally did it.
should be here in about a week.
i'll be sure to share.
didn't get to organizing documents and pics, on the computer.
actually forgot to put it on my to-do list so i'll work on that this week.
these two little goals a week is kinda working out well for me.
i need to put something really big on here like hem my curtains, but then i know the news i'd have to share next weekend wouldn't be quite so sunny!:)


{Insta Friday :: week 17}

::happy friday friends::
the day was good the week was good.
it's all good.
we have a free day tomorrow with zero plans. maybe a little spring clothes shopping with the big girls. maybe a home project or two. maybe the windows might get cleaned. i'm sure there will be lots of bubbles, bikes and sidewalk chalk too. soccer games on sunday and then pizza dinner out. i know...crazy that we are going out for pizza but our game is about an hour away, so arriving home late on a sunday with dinner already out of the way is a good thing.  
::here's a peek at our week::

look at the skies we had this week.
thank you
thank you
thank you
guess i'm not the only one getting up there in age.:)
we got our van before riley was born.
pretty confident of us don't ya think?
she's been good to us and brought three babies home from the hospital.
keep on keepin on girl!!
how does this happen?
how do you wake up like this and have no recollection of it?
what in the world was she doing in that crib?:)
but just look at that smile!
reading at breakfast.
oh that never happens!!:)
these trees are blooming every where.
i love it.
a field trip to the planetarium made this sweetie quite happy.
oh...and she just finished book two of harry potter.:)
i love this time of year at target.
we stocked up on bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
and it was the perfect day to get outside and try them out.
look what i made and hung in the kitchen eat in area.
i was inspired by this that i saw here.
an after dinner bike ride up to the park with friends while dave and riley were at soccer.
hip, hip hooray
the weekend's here!
hope your week was a wonderful one,


{A Tea Party}

yesterday i was downstairs straightening and trying to wrangle the mountain of laundry when i hear aubrey calling me to come upstairs and play. "come have a tea party with me mommy"...sigh...it sounds terrible but i really wanted to get that laundry done, but after a little persuading i went. so glad i did and half way through i went down to grab my camera.

i know there are so many photos here but i just couldn't help myself.
i see something different in each and every one.
a tilt of the head, a look in her eyes, the way her hair curls, and i just didn't want to forget a second of these moments.

she set this whole thing up and was very intentional about her details.
the strawberries that were in the middle, who got which cup and holding our fingers just so.
"look mommy...this is the way you do it...just like this"

"i'm gonna pretend to sleep mommy and you wake me up and say surprise, it's your birthday"

this one is a bit odd i know but for some reason i love it.
and then of course we had to get silly.

i hope she looks back at these photos some day and knows just how crazy much i love her.

and then i turn around and she's wearing my glasses.:)
the end.
have a happy day,



today was good.
which is so surprising and welcomed really since yesterday was so NOT good.
isn't it funny how things work out that way?

grumpy girls in the morning (really just one who will remain nameless!)
happy turned grumpy mama quickly to follow
hurt feelings
later then normal bedtimes

happy girls in the morning
happy mama stayed happy
cooperation and helpfulness
rainy morning turned to sunny afternoon
early bedtimes...hopefully:)

don't you wish we could pinpoint the "whys" behind days like yesterday.
what was it really?
i guess sometimes all it takes is that one unkind comment or forgotten promise or hurt feeling and it sets off a domino effect that quickly spins out of control.
all i know is yesterday i felt like i had no idea on earth what i was doing and today i've got it all goin on.
go figure.

panera was good.
aubrey went back up all by herself to ask for more butter and our favorite girls behind the counter were so impressed and awed by the cuteness of it all they gave her a free cookie! that made her smile so big. she was so proud of herself. something tells me she'll be volunteering to get things on her own more often.

after story time we headed out to hit the shoe stores. some little one just insists on growing like a weed and nothing fits anymore. we found a pair at our second stop and since that took us to the mall we had to get a pretzel.

and then some little happy as a lark three year old (i keep saying 3 but goodness she'll be 4 in june!) talked me into m&m's from those little candy machines. the same little machines they so strategically place right outside gymboree mind you.

we came home
had lunch
put away mountains of laundry
had a tea party
watched goodnight gorilla
and here we are.

i even took out my real camera for that tea party.
wow...check me out!:)
i hope your day is lovely and if it's more like the kind of day i had yesterday...hang on...i almost guarantee tomorrow will be better.

have a happy day,