{Something New}

new car seat time!
yep...big girl beds...big girl car seats...and kindergarten...who approved all this?!?!:)

she was really getting snug in her old one (that used to be jane's) so we decided this was the perfect time with all our summer road trips on the horizon.

farewell old car seat!
we enjoyed many a good year with you!!

of course just like with a new car...the cup holders are the best part!!:)

have a happy day,

{Little Things}

i love the extra time together summer brings.
lots of time to focus on those little things...


um yeah...time for a chalkboard update...but loving the washi tape hung art

some days those morning rough and tumbles get outta hand
some days they end in smiles.

our last thursday at the library alone...summer's here!

i want one.
yes now!

dance lessons in the basement

three girls and their babies

first summer trip to the library.
watching their "i read a lot" marbles go down the track.

no other words needed really.

summer fun

summer stay up late snuggles

some days i pick up my phone and find 100+ selfies from this girl. silly sweetie!

pretzel time at the mall

dinner when daddy's away.

all is quiet

first trip to the pool...

and a much needed chill moment.

morning mommy

new summer hats

and wood for our new american girl world!
hours of fun!!!!!

this was the early stages...you should see it now!

time to doodle and draw.

pause for a mommy moment at the neighbors slip and slide party. everyone wants a hug from jane!

that's my girl!!!

we are rockin our summer so far!
how 'bout you guys?

have a happy day,

{Sleepy Faces and Watercolors}

i love my quiet time with aubrey every morning. she is always the first one up...usually around 7-7:15...but as summer is settling in, that time is drifting closer to 7:45-8!

her sleepy face is still the sweetest sight.
sometimes she comes downstairs dressed with an already big story to tell. sometimes she's still warm from the sheets and wanting only a cuddle.

lately she has been reaching for those birthday watercolors as soon as she gets to the kitchen.

she told me i was just going to "explode with happiness" when i saw this one. she crayon resisted it and was so proud of herself! (see the morning's gallery already hanging in the background)

stories about puppies in mud puddles are the perfect way to start the morning in my opinion.

hope your morning is a quiet one.
have a happy day,


{Mini Hallway Makeover}

rarely do i see something adorable on pinterest and jump on it. maybe you know the drill...you see it...fall in love with it...pin it...stare at it longingly...but never quite get to it!:)

i looked everywhere for the source but couldn't find it...sorry 

but when i saw this image i fell big time n love.
i knew we could pull this off.
and rather quickly!

i found the sign at hobby lobby...yes i did a happy dance and squealed a bit...i had no idea long how long the inspiration photo had been floating around out there and when the sign was actually still at hobby lobby i knew it was meant to be. corney right!

we of course took this time to clean out the pantry and paint away our last remaining bit of red. lightening up that little dark space made me so happy!!

it was a family affair painting those pantry doors. not so bad for our first time. and you know what that immediately made me think right?...white kitchen cabinets here we come!!!:) someday.

love my little birdie print hanging on the garage door...got that at hobby lobby the same day...two reasons to squeal!:)

we used dolphin fin from home depot which was the color mentioned in the inspiration photo.

getting those doors back on...biggest pain of the project!:)

one more detail would make it perfect in my book...

a schoolhouse light!
i just love the look of those fixtures and have always wanted a reason to get one. this counts right?
we found ours at home depot.
lowes had some too but i was after the most wattage i could find and this one did the trick!

slowly but surely we will replace our other fixtures with these as well. i love em and the light is clean white and bright!

i'm inspired to tackle some of those other things i've got pinned!

have a happy day,



we took our first summer walk/run/ride at the park this morning.
it was fun
and hot
and a workout
but fun!

we used to do these summer walks at around 8:30-9 when the girls were younger. back in the days when they didn't sleep in till 10!! (riley!:)) so this one was a bit hotter then normal. and windy. kind of felt like walking while a gigantic hair dryer was pointed at you full blast!

but did i mention it was fun?

we scoped out a different spot to try next time.
one with a bit more shade!

hope your tuesday was filled with sunshine!
have a happy day,

still not quite finished with the "back-dated catch the blog up posts"...so keep looking back for birthdays...and father's day...and end of the school year fun...soon...soon!!!:)