{The Heart of Christmas}

i absolutely love this song and since my blog music player doesn't have this one i just had to share.

don't forget to pause the music below:)

my radio station has the absolute best Christmas Music.
so uplifting and inspiring.
check it out.
just click "listen now".
sure beats pandora Christmas.:)

with december first finally here
remember to keep the heart in your Christmas

have a happy day,



dave had to go back to work today and i was sad.
watching him pack up his computer bag this am was a real bummer.
that first day he goes back to work after a long vacation is the hardest.
especially since it usually means a very busy day for him too.

so aubrey and  i got back to our routine as best we could.
panera with the "grandpas" and the library.
we got so many good books.
we even ripped our poor library bag.
some old favorites...

 (remember these lisa??)
and some new ones too.

it is COLD today.
it's 45 right now but i swear it feels like 25.
it is grey and windy.

it has been drizzling all day...we may even get snow showers later this afternoon as the temperatures drop. i know i have said this before, but i don't think i could ever live in seattle. i need to see the sun.
a lot.

we spent the rest of the morning huddled by the fire
and playing

and chatting with daddy when he found a moment to call.

every time the phone rings it's a mad dash to reach it first as this little one yells "i got it, i got it!"
something about the phone...why do kids love it so?

i guess it must just look like sooooo much fun every time we are on it?:)

{thankful for}
1. a fireplace
2. a down coat
3. a toddler to keep me young
4. kind people
5. friends
hope your tuesday was terrific,
have a happy day,


{Thanksgiving 2011}

hi friends
gobble gobble and happy belated turkey day

we had a wonderful thanksgiving this year.
just the 5 of us.

after three days of painting and curtain drama...(I washed our family room curtains per instructions and they shrunk about 4 inches!!!! so i spent some unhappy moments last week on the phone with pottery barn and frantically looking for new curtains. decided to go with the new ones from the kitchen....and shh....i like these a lot better!!:) )...we all decided that thanksgiving was going to be about family and fun. we were going to take it slow and spend every second together. no hauling out the Christmas decorations after the meal like we typically do....we were taking it easy. and we did.

we woke up leisurely and watched the parade.

played games
(aubrey looks like she's really playing doesn't she....that lasted for about 3 minutes...then i hear "mom!!! aubrey's pulling up all the tiles!")

and had some unexpected guests all dressed up and waiting for us at the thanksgiving table

dave cooked a wonderful meal.
as usual:)

smoked turkey
cornbread stuffing
mashed potatoes and gravy
cranberry compote
crescent rolls
and pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert

riley helped with the cranberry compote and the potatoes.
janey did the gravy, the rolls and the pies.
i played with aubrey. (really...i DO do a lot of work around here!:) )
isnt' it just wonderful how my daughters are learning to cook!!:)

our weather was unseasonably warm-ish.
nothing like a little back patio skating to get you ready to eat a big meal.

we ate in the dining room to be fancy.

but one of the down sides about not having company is
it's hard to make it not seem like any other wonderful meal together.
we said grace, added what we were thankful for
then it was sadly over in about 7 minutes!:)

but it was a wonderful day.


anyone else hit the black friday sales?
i'm usually not this die hard of a shopper, but there was a good deal on something we really wanted so
i headed to target at 9:30.
yes i said 9:30....they opened at midnight.
remember that warm-ish weather i mentioned.....forget it.
felt cold to me as i stood there
in the wind
waa-waa i know...i did this to myself!:)
i chatted with dave till about 10:30 when he went to bed.
then two of my crazy shopper friends came by between stores to keep me company my last half hour.
but i got what i came for and was out of target by 12:32.
and the line was still stretched about 100 yards down the sidewalk. it was CRAZY!

then i headed to the mall for a few more quick deals.
i was home in bed by about 2:30.
and up around 7 to get ready for riley's soccer game and the day ahead.

later that day we began to slowly bring up the Christmas goodies.
i just couldn't wait and either could the girls.:)

we also managed to sneak in a quick photo session.
here's a peek.

got some pretty good ones.
not sure if they will work for the Christmas card yet or not...we will see.


saturday and sunday we packed up fall and completely decked the halls.
more pics to come.
now i am digging those unpacked lunchboxes out of the cabinet and getting ready for the week ahead.
whew...know the  expression "i need a vacation to recoup from my vacation".
that is how dave and i feel about now.
so....we are canceling our dentist appointments this morning. (who makes dentist apts for the day after a long weekend anyway!!:) ) 
and heading to grocery shop and out to lunch at our favorite mexican place.
we need it
we deserve it.

{thankful for}
1. my honey alwasy knows "what's for dinner?"
2. a home full of Christmas cheer
3. the health of my family
4. moscato
5. Christmas music

hope your long weekend was wonderful and your monday is even better.
have a happy day,

sorry...this post feels really jumbled and unfocused...but that is how my brain feels about now!:)


{Weekend Glimpses...kind of}

not many pictures from the weekend.
we were kind of busy with this.

so far we have only got the primer on (we work in small doses with a 2 year old in the house!)
but the transformation is amazing.
can't wait to see the real stuff go up today.

even though we were busy with painting prep and primer the girls did manage to have some fun:

friday movie night (Judy Moody)
sister sleepover
bandana painting and hair-bow making till 10 pm (we were long asleep!)
playing outside with friends
late night fun in the playhouse outside with flashlights and sleeping bags

we took a trip to target and the mall on sunday (so daddy could work alone) and i think i have Christmas card outfits for the girls.
goodness that is a huge thing checked off my list.
now i just need a location.....:)
and janey got new boots
another huge thing off the list.

my little two year old has a new favorite saying..."No, I can do it!"
everything from pour her juice to wash her hair.
she got her shoes on all by herself before church

sorry so blurry

and here is the "ta-da" to prove it

this can be a hard time but an important one.
i just have to breathe......and remind myself to s.l.o.w. down and let her do it.
it's all good!

today aubrey and i will leave daddy to work a bit this morning while the girls are at shcool.
we will probably hit hobby lobby for a few new frames.
i have big plans for the picture wall.
if only i can get the ideas in my head out on paper and up on the wall.
this might take me awhile,
but i think staring at that big blank space might just be the motivation i need.
(that and a house full of guests here for Christmas!!)

have a happy day,


{Happy Friday}

this is my "favoritest" friday in awhile.
dave will be on vacation as of 4:00 today.
one full week with my sweetie at home.
we have big plans that involve paint and a photo wall.
so super excited!!!
{speaking of photo walls, we are looking to change ours up a bit
to all my pinterest friends out there...see anything amazing?
i am looking for something more colorful and funky.}

janey is better and back to school today.
she was fine yesterday too.
happy to say the sickness was just a fluke and we have no house-wide stomach flu in our future. {knock, knock}
life is good.

this little girl has really been making me smile lately
the other night when i tucked her in she said "mom, i love you so very much...frizzy hair and all!"
ummm...thanks baby!:)
she was getting a few cough drops ready to go to school, she lined up a bunch of yellow wrapped ones around the one remaining orange wrapped one and said "that's me...totally unique right in the middle of this world".
she had a test today at school she was nervous about.
i drew three things on her palm to cheer her up.
a star to say she can do hard things and she is smarter then she thinks.
a heart to say i love her so very much and
a smiley face to say she will always make me happy no matter what....she loved it and was so worried it would wash off.....goodness i love this little girl.

aubrey's cold is still there but she slept well last night
so hopefully we are on the mend.
the only thing that seems to make her happy right now is max & ruby.
oh how i hate that tv on...but i guess we have to go with it till she's well enough to distract with little people and plastic cupcake picnics.

i really need a few new pictures of riley
till then, here is one of my old favorites

yesterday afternoon i was feeling like i wanted a little break.
so riley and i headed out for a drive and a quick trip to a nearby shop.
it was so fun.
we chatted the whole way in the car.
she told me about the silly things her and her five friends do at lunch.
about reading a book on the swings at recess.
we talked about songs we like and Christmas gifts for her sisters.
that girl has such a sweet heart.
we planned some holiday decorations for the house and had a really lovely time.
sometimes between school and extracurricular activities it feels like i never get to see my big girls.
i treasure these little stolen moments.

so what are your weekend plans?
any home projects?
would love to hear the details.

have a happy day,



today is a stay home day in our neck of the woods.
aubrey got janey's cold from the weekend and
i have a sore throat.
janey was sick last night too. (the kind of sick where someone needs to hold your hair back for you)
not sure it is really the stomach flu...she was only sick once then went right to sleep.
we will see.....

time to break out the sleeping bags and get ready for the max & ruby marathon.
perfect time for me to clean and disinfect the whole house and wash every ones sheets.

i am hoping to finalize that Christmas list too.
i really want this to be a stress free holiday for us.
simple and sweet
my parents and my brother's family are coming to our house for Christmas this year
we are all beyond excited.

no new pictures for you today so here are a few oldies but goodies

look at riley's curls...those ages were so fun...dress up and princess music...pretty dresses and all things girly

and this one of janey is a favorite too
we were out front playing and she came walking out of the garage in my shoes
i love seeing this picture because aubrey is wearing that outfit now!:) 

hope your day is a healthy one
have a happy day,


{Gratitude Project ~ Week Two}

so many things to be thankful for this week
here are just a few:

1. birthdays
2. feeling proud
3. raising future mommies
4.  simple project completed
5. sunshine after the rain
6.  new way to clean
7.  beautiful sunset

playing along with karina
wanna play along?

have a happy day,


{Weekend Glimpses Birthday Style}

happy birthday to my sweetie!
dave's birthday was on friday.
he actually bought a lottery ticket at exactly 11:11.
we won't be moving out west to a house in the mountains anytime soon:)
but it was still a pretty special day.

we like to stretch our birthday celebrations out for as long as we can around  here.
so friday night we opened presents.

aubrey was so cute reading her card to daddy

and smiling
{see those little green squiggles...she really was trying to write "happy birthday daddy"}

daddy and his girls
completely and totally loved

saturday while aubrey napped and riley had a girl scout outing and her first indoor soccer game
janey and i made the cake.

pioneer woman's pineapple upside down cake...by request.
it was yummy.
our friends came over that evening
for some "happy birthday to you" kind of fun.

happy birthday baby
we have been together for 14 birthdays
i love you more now then ever
you're the best!!!!

we spent the rest of the weekend
hanging out
jumping outside in 45 mph winds!! (maybe not quite...but crazy wind!)
making models of the earth and
clothespin pilgrims
good stuff i tell ya:)

hope your weekend was a quiet one.
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. another year with my sweetie
2. working on projects with my girls
3. friends to laugh with
4. a beautiful sunset
5. homemade chocolate chip muffins baking in the oven made by the above mentioned sweetie!


{Ten on Ten}

ten photos in ten hours on the tenth of the month
trying to capture the beauty of the ordinary moments in our day

here is a peak into ours



breakfasting and playing

aubrey saw her winter coat for the first time this morning
and wanted to eat breakfast in it.:)



slurping and shopping




i have wanted a picture of this moment forever.
whenever aubrey and i read together she holds my hand
just like that.
love it!



this was our first time playing along.
it sure was fun.
hope to see you next month.....

check out other ten on ten posts here.

have a happy day,