{Our Year In Pictures}

it's kind of mind boggling when you sit down and look through a years worth of pictures all at once.
everyone has changed...grown older...grown up...
we have
and celebrated
a lot!

here are just a few of our favorites...








what a blessed, blessed year!
thank you so much for reading this little blog of mine,
for lifting us up, celebrating with us and for being true, true friends.
have a happy day,
goodbye 2012...


{You're Here}

i can't exactly remember when it happened...but somewhere in the calm of Christmas evening...everyone was playing and i was cleaning up the kitchen...and this song came on. i think i posted it last year, but it's one of my favorites. it gets me every single time i hear it.

{Christmas is Here...}

 all is calm...
all is bright....

well, that Christmas Eve sleepover didn't go quite the way we had planned.
they went to sleep ok, but were up before 5 giggling and chatting in their rooms.
and i think a sneaky trip downstairs was thrown in there too.
but i guess that is just part of Christmas....i remember doing the very same thing.
trying to see all your gifts in the dark of early morning...squeezing the stockings to try and guess what's inside.


 the problem was...their little sister likes to sleep in and she didn't make her first sound till after 8.
so that was a lot of waiting (and pestering and begging to open gifts) for us all to handle.:)

so we made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast....

monkey bread!
i never saw those two sprint upstairs faster to get aubrey.:)

...stockings first...

Santa brought those long-awaited blue laces.

and how did he know you are just a tad bit hair obsessed?

every single gift aubrey opened got her full attention and fair share of "ooohs and ahhhhs"
it was so sweet to watch.
if it had been just up to her, the presents would have lasted all day.

this little owl ring from santa was a definite favorite.

...presents from santa next...

snuggly, snuggly blankies

a new calico critter house and lots of furniture to fill it.:)

janey made us a homemade photo album with lots of handwritten captions.
we loved it.

daddy bought stompeez...way to go dad!:)

i see lots of woodworking projects in your future.

and i got a surprise new pair of boots.

aubrey loved riley and janey's gift...a new puppy.

janey's handmade necklace from riley.

 aubrey ripped up riley's favorite baby book, so she bought her a new one as a surprise.
riley was so happy.

riley painted janey a sunset to hang in her room.

...not so calm now...

now it's time to play.:)

and eat!

it was a merry, merry Christmas for all.
thank you Lord, for another year of many, many blessings.