{Decorating the Tree}

the turkey is barely cleaned up and our three little elves are ready to haul all the Christmas decorations up from the closet. oh how i love this time of year. Christmas music ringing in the background. hearing the "oooohs and ahhhhs and remember this one?"  the scattered-ness as we jump from corner to corner putting out little pieces of memories and things we love. it really feels like Christmas now!

their favorite ornaments are their "baby ornaments".
and they always hang them side by side..:)

i think this smile was mainly due to not having to fight with Christmas lights on our pre-lit tree again this year...we ripped them all off and started all over! ugh. that wasn't such a joy...but it's done and next year should be even easier!!

oh the hanging of the star!
the most coveted of all Christmas decorating jobs.:)
janey likes to turn anything into a production so she always feels the need to walk the star in on a pillow!
silly girl:)

nice job baby!

three sister gifts were the first ones under the tree.
i love my girls and their love!


{Christmas Ornaments :: 2014}

the first gift of Christmas is their new ornaments.
i love picking these out each year.

we love you girls!
now let's go decorate that Christmas tree!!


thanksgiving has to be my worst photographed holiday.
not sure why, but i never seem to capture the love in pictures.:(

we awoke early to yummy smells...dave up bright and early cookin away...warm pumpkin bread for breakfast.

macys day parade on.
girls in the kitchen...riley making cranberry compote, aubrey making crescent rolls and jane making mashed potatoes...(i think i missed jane's pic last year too..:(!) 

 and daddy wrapping it all up!
wow...what a spread and if you could just taste it...

my view as i cleaned up...jane reading christmas books to aubrey, ma and riley playing scrabble and dave napping...:)

thanks for visiting ma.
thanks for the fun and the puzzles and the endless playing!
we miss you and love you!

late night backseat hot chocolate snuggles to see christmas the lights.

 Christmas time is here!!!!!!!



today i tried to stay home and tackle the house.
fresh sheets.
and do a little xmas shopping via the computer.
about 85% success with my list for the day.
pretty good i guess.

scooped aubrey from school.
made a yummy lunch together then scooped up the big girls two hours early.
we grabbed a bagel and headed to the library.

these bonus middle of the week library days with all three girls make me oh so happy.

jane returned her new favorite book (yes she kissed it goodbye before putting it in the slot...only my sweet jane) and we walked out with 67 new books to read. yes. i said 67! what can i say...we have a book problem!

mac n cheese and fruit for dinner (daddy's out of town)
snuggles by the fire.
giant floor puzzles all over the place and ice cream for dessert.

pretty good wednesday in my book.

have a happy day friends,


{First Flurries of the Season}

our first flurries fluttered to the ground this weekend.
it was beautiful and dainty and perfect.
these pictures pretty much sum up how the girls feel about it...

delighted...wouldn't ya say?

ok...it was pretty.
especially this view.

and just so i don't forget...these fall flowers dave brought home 2 weeks ago and still hangin in there.
maybe our fall (not winter) weather will too...

have a happy day,


{Weekending :: Can Collecting}

riley's soccer team had their third annual canned food drive in our neighborhood this weekend.

we finished up the event with a hot chocolate bar in our warm and cozy kitchen.

what a great group of girls!

hope your weekend was happy,



two little ballerinas and a read aloud at lunch
best treat ever
first pho of the season
my reading incentive bulletin board...and a helper
playing librarian is cool
sisters again...lunch time picnics...with above mentioned best treat ever
where did all that grass go??:(

snuggling up with one of our favorite books ever
birthday love notes
waiting in pick-up line snuggles
 funny selfies on my phone (bored at soccer!)
lunch time picnics
aubrey's open house...signing in
pete the cat
and a beautiful sunset that evening

"can't catch me"
blanket, book, water and "lip stuff"
fashionable and ready for soccer...1, 2, and 3
trudge, trudge, trudge through that parking lot
finally changed spring chalkboard to fall!:) haha

diggin this hobby lobby sign
stuck in a three hour hwy traffic jam in ky on the way to nc
janey with my childhood bff
pretty smiles
pumpkin patch (more to come....)
we read some amazing books in the pick-up line
three princesses...melt my heart
crisp fall days...my favorite.

have a happy day,