{Rocky Mountain High}

after a crazy back and forth morning with rent a car issues and packing dilemmas,  we are loaded and ready to hit the road.
trust me...that's a lot of stuff...and there's still more!:)
we are beyond excited to meet up with my parents and my brother and his family in
one of our favorite places on earth...colorado!!!
wish you all could experience a little of that rocky mountain high with us.
have many happy days while we are gone.
and we'll be back soon with tons of pictures and loads of memories to share! 



::this pretty much says it all::

...34 hours and counting till take off...
happy monday
hope it was a marvelous one,


{Happy Daddy's Day}

after a hand delivered homemade breakfast and a relaxing moment setting up your fly rod and watching cooking shows we got to the fun stuff.

after our standard gift of pistachios and perrier...
...we got to the good stuff.
a much needed new pair of crocs with a little somethin' somethin' hidden inside.

you thought it was just cologne, but we got you good!!:)
a new ipod nano.
cause fishin solo and doing yard work are so much more fun with a few tunes.

happy daddy's day to one amazing daddy.
we love you so.


{Aubrey's Party}

celebrating your big day twice is always a good thing...

...especially when daddy makes you "strawberry cake with lemons" ...

...and this crew is around.
(their parents are pretty fun too!)
there was a lot more happening this night that never got photographed.
some group of parents was more interested in chatting and sipping moscato to worry about taking photos. :)

happy party day aubrey kate.
we all love you so.


{Insta Friday :: week 24}

::happy friday friends::
and guess what?? today was much more mellow.
we were forced to wait at home for the dishwasher repair man
and he was running a little late and didn't get here till 1:00!!
major mellow morning score!:)
thanks for all your sweet words...i feel so much better.

::here's a peek at our week::
::chichen itza pizza cheering::
::"please don't go-ing"::
she bought this with her own money and was so proud.
on the tramp the other day they said, "lets get all tangled up together."
this super cute little mousy series
in eddie bauer today they said, "look mom we made a heart with our hands, take a picture."
in her $10 dress find...why can't I be so lucky?
yes there are sleeping bags laying all over the place...
my favorite flower picked by my favorite 4 year old and her daddy.
::this weekend we are packing, celebrating with friends, appreciating our daddies, and
packing some more.
hope your week was a lovely one,



can I just sit for a moment?
feels like i've been trying to outrun a speeding train...and seriously why is that.....????
it's summer for pete's sakes!

i know it probably has a lot to do with our full calendar as of late, and our two week camping trip that is here in 5 days if we're ready or not. (I promise mom, we will at least remember the tent!) but i haven't woken up a day this summer without thinking...
let's stay put today...
let's not go anywhere...
let's not have anyone over...
let's sit on the sofa all day and play words with friends...
let's build every puzzle in the house....
let's paint, or draw, or make something...

but inadvertently something will happen or i will remember a commitment that was already made, or someone will get an invite that is pleaded and begged for and all those unlofty lofty plans are out the window.

do i put my foot down to be lazy?
or do i let the day evolve....???
often times i feel our day sped up by the girls demands to go and do and truth be told i'm not so good with all that last minute fly by the seat of my pants scheduling!!:) sounds kind of funny as i write this...cause i guess that's what summer is right?
ok...it's settled...the problem's all mine and i just have to get over myself!:0

moving on....

really wanted to do my ten on ten post for june...but got about 5 photos and poof...done.
it's that train again i tell ya!:)

our little june bugs were blessed with so many wonderful gifts and cards this year.
family and friends rock.

 and seriously...why does aubrey look six in these shots??:)

want a super easy, super yummy dinner?
dave added those two packets, and a half jar of pepper rings to the crock pot with six boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 12 oz of water.
cooked it for seven hours then took out the chicken and shredded it.
he added a little of the liquid from the crockpot back in to get some flavor...but still kept it not so spicy. (for me)
you could add more if you wanted.

put a slice of provolone down in the bun (we liked the tougher brat buns as opposed to sub buns).
then pile in some chicken.
crazy yummy and pretty easy right?
big day over here.
they handed in their loot to the keeper of the nooks and
instant summer smiles.
and lots of work for mommy!
anyone got any good nook tips and tricks or google play apps they love??:)

so today's the last night of vbs.
would it be so wrong of me to say...i'm glad?
it was great and they loved it.
but 5 nights of them getting home at almost 9, and full of energy i might add, has been trying on these early to bed early to rise parents.:)
so what's going on in your life?
how are you handling the push and pull of the go and stay of summer?
i'd sure love some pointers!
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
sticky notes
the dishwasher repairman that comes tomorrow
frozen caramel/mocha's from panera
(and yes it's official...i'm addicted...but still limiting myself to one a week...but goodness i think about them a lot and how totally weird is that??:))
music on my phone and ear buds
and friends who keep reading totally lame posts with even totally lame-er thankful lists!:)
ha...just seeing if you stuck with me till that final word!:)



{Happy Birthday Aubrey}

happy, happy birthday to our sweet baby girl aubrey.
you are so thrilled this day is here...since you've been asking me for awhile...."is today my birthday?"
we began today with our typical get me up game of find aubrey hidden under the quilt.
first the toes
then the nose.

i'm four!!

then we had good morning birthday kisses and off to panera and the library we went.

today was a hot day...high of 96...so we had a lunch time picnic under a very big shady tree.


and then cooled off our feet on the boat ramp.

if it was permitted and i had said yes...those three would have jumped right in...clothes and all!:)
that skirt keeps getting pulled up higher and higher...how adorable is that?

after some chill time at home it was back outside.
this time with a little self-made cooling off.:)

aubrey's birthday dinner of choice...cheesy chips and salsa, banilla yogurt, applesauce and apple cider.
present time

bubble tape!!:)

:: toy boats, princess sofia books and toys, dress, card games, butterfly wings and a water table!::

we love you so very much baby!!
 brownies tonight and a real cake when we celebrate with your friends this weekend.


your sisters had vbs so you had your brand new water table all to yourself.:)

what a birthday this was.
teary and bittersweet to say the very least.
as i read you stories last night and listened to your sweet voice say all the millions of things you have to say...it suddenly hit me...you are growing up!
today you met a little girl at the library and as i watched your from afar and saw you play puzzles with her and talk to her about your sisters and your daddy...it suddenly hit me...you are growing up!
and as i sit here typing this with the tears running down my face looking at all your baby pictures and the day you were born it is really hitting me that you are growing up, and even though i am happy i am a little sad too.
this year is a whole new beginning for us.
school and teachers and lots of friends.
but i still want to keep you little.
and i know that has way more to do with me then you.
i love you so very much aubrey kate.
you are and always will be my baby.
thank you for being mine and for letting me love you and be your mommy.

happy birthday sweetie