{hi there!!}

hi friends
i am sitting here typing on my new keyboard....attached to my new computer!!
can i hear a YIPPEE!!!:)

the bummer is our old hard drive was so messed up
none of our data (or pics) were retrievable:(
we are trying one last thing
sending it off to a place that suppossedly removes things
from messed up hard drives:)
we will keep our fingers crossed
we did back things up on a cd in january of 2010...so at least we have that
moral of the story....get an external hard drive!:)

i am still learning the ins and outs of this new beauty
especially since we couldn't transfer over any of our settings
but i did manage to upload the 865 (yes...you read that right) photos from the last month and a half
here are just a few unedited highlights to keep you smiling till i have a chance to post about all our summer happennings

what a summer so far don't ya think?
and i didn't even include any from the two birthday parties we had!!haha

did i tell you we went to ga?
my parents were getting rid of their sofa and
we desperatley needed one
so dave drove us there...stayed with us through the fourth
flew home to work a bit
flew back to hike a bit
then drove us home with uhaul in tow
we had a glorious time
we have a new sofa
did i mention it was a slipcovered pottery barn sofa
and chair
and ottoman
even better

now you won't believe what i am doing today
deep cleaning the house
and packing

yes, my girls weekend to fl starts tomorrow
i am flying in to spend 4 days with my besties
can't wait for the time with them
but nervous and anxious about leaving
first time away since the summer before i was pregnant with aubrey
i really do hate leaving
i told dave last night
i wish i could wake up every morning over the weekend
drive to see my pals,
spend the day with them...shop...hang out
go out to a fabulous dinner
then drive home to tuck my babies in
but geography is not cooperating with that dream
so i will board that plane
and pray
and then smile
and have fun
and cry every night on the phone
miss my family
then fly home and
miss my friends
isn't that the way it goes!!:)

i am so excited about catching up with you all
i have missed you and the little lovely things that make up your lives
hoping to find some time today to pop in and say hello
wish me fun in fl
i will see you in four days

have a happy day,


{Janey's 7 and a Half}

little miss janey brooke is 7 and a half today!
oh how we love this little girl
she has such a heart of gold and
a tender spirit
{see babi hiding...she is never far!}

handmade cards from sisters


her book this year was the american girl doll school book
she has been wanting this book for awhile
it's perfect for her
she loves playing school
in fact...she says she wants to be a teacher someday:)

riley and i made mimi's famous summer pie by request
softened raspberry sorbet in a chocolate pie crust topped with cool whip and frozen

it got a very enthusiastic thumbs-up

we love you so very much our little 7 and a half year old