{Insta Friday}

remember these fun little posts?
ya know i haven't done once since here!
is that crazy or what?:)

sisters doing each others hair and sharing shirts...love. 
and can i just tell you how thankful i am for riley's hair doing abilities.
she promises to braid my hair this summer when it's 110 degrees!


can she just slow down already.
i'm seeing more 15 then 10.


this beauty of a chalkboard held a quote and pics from fall. 
 when i got it for my birthday from a friend.
waaaaaaay overdue for a makeover.
and i love it. 


aubrey had her first school egg hunt last week.
her little strawberry basket with pink ribbon threaded through is a basket i'll keep forever.
they were each able to find 4 eggs.
inside her eggs aubrey found 3 erasers (all identical) and a peter rabbit sticker.
and she was happy as a lark!:)


our library is all decked out for the summer reading program and i love it.
if i had 50 foot ceilings those beauties would be hanging from it!

funny what a new pair of yellow hello kitty gardening gloves will do for ya.
this little one helped dave in the garden for hours!
and she loved every minute of it!

"please don't move this high chair to the attic mom...i can still use it...or put my babies in it....or something...!!" garages are best cleaned out when the kiddos are at school!


daddy and aubrey.
in the grass.


a beauty.

and she's funny too!

janey stayed home on monday. just some congestion and a cough, nothing serious,  so she came shopping with us. she got to be the "hug me while i sit in this unsafe spot on the cart and don't let me go and talk and sing to me the whole time!" person. she was really good at it!


with friends.

we have a clock in aubrey's room and we tell this little early riser she can't come down till she sees a "7 at the beginning". most days she will wait...read in bed... play in her room. but this week i have seen this little bed head beauty 
around 6:30. pleeeeeease...

my case in point for staying in bed till 7!:)

when i woke janey up that morning she told me she got up around 3:45 to use the bathroom and saw me sleeping in bed. she said she wanted to climb in with me and spoon me till morning.
wish she did!

riley's new hat...think it just became my new soccer sidelines hat!


 anything chalkboard these days.

hope your friday was a fantastic one.
hope i don't wait 6 months for another one of these fun posts.
and hope your weekend is awesome!

we are gardening (hello kitty gloves included) 
looking for paint (janey's room and a pantry door)
playing two soccer games
and lots more i'm sure.

what are your plans?
hope they make you smile.

and just in case you need another reason to smile.
check out this song!
my friend sent it to me and we have been singing it and dancing to it ever since! 
hope you love it too!

have a happy day,


{Easter and a Photo Shoot}

happy belated Easter friends.
it was a blessed one.
complete with the most beautiful weather.

an early sunday morning scavenger hunt for our baskets...

 ....and a few little treasures from us too.

i think the frozen dvd was the highlight!

look at that face!!:)

after church we stopped at our park for some impromptu photos.

no problem here getting my girls to pose for a pic.
the older two anyway.
"mom...how about this one? i have an idea...i'll stand here and spin around!":)
if only i knew what i was doing enough to keep up with all their great ideas!

hope your Easter was filled with love and joy.
have a happy day,