"friday's our day mom...we can go anywhere we want"

oh baby i wish...cause i think i'd pick someplace warm with sun and sand!!:)
but until then...here are today's memories...
dropped slurpees
"oh what a feeling" on mall muzak
remembering when i used to put little pieces of the pretzel on the tray of your stroller
but now...getting to hold your hand the whole way
going in and out of every store that had pretty things in the window
escalator 2x 
elevator 2x 
"2+2=4 mom"
 laughing that these people in macys think we're craaazy
a back pocket filled with 25 cents worth of mike and ikes
dashing to and from the car in sub zero temperatures
counting raffi songs till we get home
(it usually always takes us 6)
having just enough time for the new sofia and a snuggle on the sofa
puppet shows and mr. putter in the parent pick up line.

ya know what baby...that beats the beach in my book!

i love you,


{A Really Weird Tuesday}

this tuesday just feels wonky.
it's the 100th day of school which to a kindergartener, is a big deal and the day will be filled with all kinds of 5 year old fun...so aubrey is staying full day.
sniff sniff.

...she wanted a picture of her fancy pony...and see that homemade 100 day necklace...

remember she is the only k'er that is half day in a school of over 250...and i am way more then fine with that. we make the most of our time together and this is it for us folks...the big bad first grade (just kidding ya know...i heart first grade!) starts next year and we have no options then...but she does stay all day for extra special days and today is one of them.

so, on tuesdays i usually scoop aubrey up then go pick up riley for lunch. today it was just riley and i. which let me tell you, was so delightful and awesome...we chatted uninterrupted, browsed through the lands end kids catalog, watched a family of deer run through the snow at our favorite park and really, really talked and i loved every minute of it....but there was no aubrey.

forgive my crazy hair

then after the long, lonely car ride home i came in to a very quiet house. no little 5 year old running around asking for playdoh or paint or popsicles.
it's just me.
and it's so darn quiet.
eerie even.

so, i'm sitting here thinking of what next year will feel like.
if i'm not subbing (or don't have a full time job...don't even get me started there...talk about WONKY!!!) this is what my afternoons will look like! eeeeekkkkkk

so this is my plan.
vacuum and mop.
listen to one of my fav songs ever a few more 100 times.
do my borrowed buddies workout dvd.
try not to faint.

then go pick up my baby.
i swear i'm gonna be first in the parent pick-up line!!
her in my lap is the only way this wonky day can be normal again!:)

have a happy,