"friday's our day mom...we can go anywhere we want"

oh baby i wish...cause i think i'd pick someplace warm with sun and sand!!:)
but until then...here are today's memories...
dropped slurpees
"oh what a feeling" on mall muzak
remembering when i used to put little pieces of the pretzel on the tray of your stroller
but now...getting to hold your hand the whole way
going in and out of every store that had pretty things in the window
escalator 2x 
elevator 2x 
"2+2=4 mom"
 laughing that these people in macys think we're craaazy
a back pocket filled with 25 cents worth of mike and ikes
dashing to and from the car in sub zero temperatures
counting raffi songs till we get home
(it usually always takes us 6)
having just enough time for the new sofia and a snuggle on the sofa
puppet shows and mr. putter in the parent pick up line.

ya know what baby...that beats the beach in my book!

i love you,