a little disclaimer since i am finally getting to this post in january and backdating it...the weather halloween night was dreadful! sadly we didn't take one picture  that night. we were too concerned with staying warm and dodging the rain drops! i did however happen to get a few when we went trick-or-treating at the mall a few nights before...i am keeping my fingers crossed that i get with it and re-dress in our halloween best and retake these pics when it's warmer. like in may!!:)

our three little princesses dashing off to the mall for candy...

meet village belle who loves to read.
rapunzel with long golden hair.
and snow white with ivory skin and ruby red lips.

something i really love in riley's expression here.

and i really wish i remember what was soooo funny!!

happy halloween!


{The Great Pumpkin Patch}

we've had really great luck picking the absolute most beautiful fall day for our visit to the pumpkin patch. i love this place so much and have probably photographed the very same things every time we have visited. but it's all good.

ok...this looks so weird to me...

...but this is weirder i guess!:)

don't you just love fall??


{Mimi and Poppy}

thanks for the fun

 wake-up aubrey:)

thanks for the treats

doggies who deliver skittles on a wednesday are loved around here.

thanks for posing by the tv cause aubrey wanted to...

...it actually came out pretty good!:)

thanks for the memories

doggie hugs and walks
soccer and hot chocolate in the cold
getting lost finding hot chocolate in the cold
campfire chicken and s'mores
chex mix and other yummy snacks in the car box
a day home from school into a day at the movies
"have you seen mrs. mumble?"
the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
trouble, hoot owl hoot, and war with poppy
crocheting with mimi!!

 we love you,
come back soon!


{We're Goin on a Bug Hunt}

...we're gonna catch a big one!:)

so thankful to be able to accompany aubrey and her class on their very first field trip. we went to our favorite park nearby to hunt for bugs.

and can i just say...she's a natural! 

have a lovely day,

finally got some looooong overdue posts up on the blog in case you wanna see...:)