{Daddy's Home}

there are man-clothes in my laundry basket
there are real cooking utensils in my dishwasher
all is right with the world

enjoy the day,

there are man-clothes in my laundry basket



wednesday was a really good day
the weather cooled down a bit and
calmed down too
we had crazy winds gusting to 50 mph yesterday
IL sure is windy that's for sure

when Aubrey wakes up first in the morning
I nurse her and then we head upstairs to wake the girls
she loves doing this
she climbs the stairs with such purpose
tries to knock on each of their doors
has the cutest smile on her face
she always climbs up in bed for a quick snuggle
they love seeing her first thing in the morning
it makes being woken up a bit easier I think
who wants to see Mom at 7 in the morning...
cute toddling baby sis...whole different story
I wonder how long that will last?!?

after dropping off the girls at school Aubrey and I played babies
I love to watch her love on them
feed them snack and
put them "nite-nite"
she sure knows how to smother you with love

I never eat lunch out when Dave is home
hardly ever anyway
I think this is my fourth time since he has been out of town
I think I look at it as some type of reward for "time served"
a treat in the middle of my LONG day alone
today I got Panera
it was so yummy
I even put it on a plate

Aubrey had a bagel
and a cereal bar
oh and some of my chips
I can never eat anything even remotely unhealthy in front of her
she always wants some

waving hi

pulled these books out of the archives today
do you have any of these?
saw one at Target yesterday and it reminded me to get them out
we just love them and I forgot how much
they have been ripped and taped more times then I can count
so much to look at and talk about
Riley and Janey took a big trip down memory lane with these this afternoon

see what I mean about climbing???
little nut
I know I should probably move that table
but it's so convenient there
yeah yeah, you're lucky you're so cute and smiley

got this adorable house from a friends garage sale
isn't it the cutest?
Aubrey (and Riley and Janey) just love playing inside
I put it up next to the arm of the chair and the wall
it makes a cozy little hide-out

Aubrey has been making the cutest little noises lately
"de de doo"
"oh oh doo"
it's done in the cutest sing-songy little voice
she sounds just like Blue from Blue's Clues
oh how I loved that show
I think I actually cried when Steve went away to college...

Riley and Janey had church tonight
they eat dinner there with their friends each week
that was a good thing
I only had to provide a nutrious dinner for two
they got to wear their costumes and have a party
oh the excitement....
here is a little sneek peek of Minnie and the Scarecrow

my honey comes home tonight
i am overjoyed
9 days alone is nine days too many

Enjoy the day my friends,



you give fantastic hugs
you pat my back and lay your head on my shoulder and I melt
seriously melt

you make me slow down
you remind me to sit down on the floor and play
really play

you are my snuggly little nurser
you look into my eyes and if I say "I love you"
you come up for a kiss
sweetest kisses ever

you love Raffi music
you love to do patty cake
and sing eieio

you will keep talking till you are heard
you have your sisters wrapped around your little finger
they are so in love with you

you are a climber
you have no fear
no chair or table is safe with you around

you are so squishy and love able
you make me long for just. one. more
and I'm so glad I'm your mama
I love you Aubrey Kate



anyone else having extreme difficulty uploading photos???
it keeps locking up on me
this is quite frustrating!!!

I quit..
I'm heading to the sofa with my ice-cream
Dave is still out of town.....
and I can't even waste hours upon hours blogging!!:)

enjoy the night,


{Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow}

Aubrey and I went to the mall for a little shopping and lunch
we sat near the carousel in the food court
I thought she would enjoy watching it
but when it started up
she touched her head (her sign for a noise)
made a funny face
and started to cry a bit
poor thing
I wrapped my arms around her
after a few times watching it go around
she was getting used to it
and even smiled
we visited the puppies
got some new jammies
and waved bye-bye to everything as we walked out
it was a good day

Riley woke up first around 7:00
she said she wanted to do something with just me
so we did a puzzle
don't you love that feeling when you pick up a piece
and know right where to put it without even thinking?
she told me she was happy it was the weekend
I forget how much they need the weekend too

I made waffles for breakfast {see tonight's dessert in the background}
everyone loved them
I think it's time we upgrade to a bigger model
it took forever
we have had this one since before Riley was born

we tried taking a picture of the four of us after breakfast
poor Janey kept getting squeezed out
I guess I need a bigger lap
or longer arms:)

we went to the mall again
I know I know
but it was rainy and cold and
my hubby is out of town darn it and
I wanted Sbarro pizza
we hit the candy store too
Riley got colored Tootsie Rolls
Janey got these milk dud thingies
I was good
but that was only because I have a stash of Kit Kats
at home

the girls did some art and
played in the basement
Aubrey and I did laundry
we all went outside after the sun came out

dinner was quick and easy and
Aubrey went down well at 6:45

the girls and I had a movie night complete with buttered popcorn
we watched How To Train Your Dragon

what a great movie
we got it from redbox
have you ever tried redbox before??
totally cool!
{last night was actually our first time
I got It's Complicated ...awesome...love Meryl Strep}

we are going to skip church
it takes two grown-ups to do church these days
one to sit in church with the big girls and
one to follow Aubrey around the narthex
the girls want to go to Sunday School though
I am happy about that
I could use the break

Dave will definitely not be home tomorrow
like he first thought
total bummer

I am going to try very hard to take things easy
smile more
laugh more
go outside more
snuggle more
plan some really good take-out for dinnner

I don't know what else tomorrow will bring
I am hoping for good things

hope your saturday was great!
enjoy the night,



so can you tell my hubby is out of town again
and I have been staying up way to late?!?!
I have been feeling this super strong urge to create something
crazy strong urge
I just got this book from the library
and I have been drawn to the craft stores for weeks
but like Megan says, my perfectionism is keeping me from
taking that first step
actually making something {and it is a bit busy with a toddler in the house}
so...I change my blog
what do you think?
I think I might like this look a bit better
then the one I had just yesterday

do you ever feel the urge to just create?
what have you created lately?
enjoy the day,


{Her Tooth}

the weekend had a little bit of magic for Janey Brooke
she finally lost her tooth
the tooth that had been wigglin' and jigglin' for quite some time
finally let go

she came down monday morning
with her hand over her mouth
a big smile hidden underneath
and a tooth between her fingers
she was so happy

Janey is a saver
so it was no surprise to us that she wanted
the tooth fairy to let her keep her goodies

{see how tired she looks...that's what a weekend with Mimi and Poppy does to a girl!:)
she's wearing Dave's old FL Panther Hockey jersey}

later that night she wrote her letter
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I have lost another tooth!
can't you believe it?
it's my fourth one.
can I please keep my
note/picture and tooth?
love, Janey!!!!!!
she placed it and her tooth under her pillow
and was very excited to find them both
still there in the morning

it's amazing how missing front teeth
really change them
she looks and sounds so different
so grown up
we love you Janey Brooke
and we're glad you got your bit of magic


{Catching Up}

Dave got home late Thursday and had to be at work early Friday morning
the girls never got to see him
so he snuck out of work early Friday afternoon
and we got the girls out of school for a lunch time picnic at the park

about an hour after dropping them back off at school
we get a phone call
one of those phone calls where you see the school's number on the caller id
and your heart skips a beat

Janey had apparently fallen in art class
she was seeming very "out of it" and sad
I raced to get her and later find out she "just went down like a domino"
she must have fainted in class
talk about scary
we took her to the doctor later...strep!
not a fun way to start the weekend

my parents arrived about an hour after the excitement
poor Janey handled being sick like a real trooper
she is so brave
and by far the family's best sick person
{she missed the sleep over the first two nights and hardly ever complained
I just love that little girl!}

we were so glad my mom was here for help in the crafty department
the girls worked on Riley's Halloween Scarecrow costume and
Janey's school scarecrow project
thanks Mimi...they both look great!

when Janey was finally feeling better
we headed to our favorite pumpkin patch
The Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur
this place is Amazing!

I love all of the creative ways they display the pumpkins
Aubrey loved all the freedom
and the dirt!

see Noah's Pumpkin Arc?
the girls loved all the mazes
Aubrey kept going back in for more

what is it about these things??

I was surprised by Aubrey's lack of fear when it came to the goat area
I think she would have climbed right in if she could

easy for some
not for others

what a beautiful day

Tuesday we signed the girls out for lunch again and headed to our favorite picnic spot
we are becoming regulars
the girls loved being able to hang from the trees
thanks Poppy

we loved every minute of your visit
come back soon



I had this great post written about Aubrey turning 16 months
all I needed was the pictures taken to go with it
well, her 3 teeth that are coming in simultaneously
made her a bit cranky
and taking pictures yesterday a bit impossible

so today we are going random


Dave has been out of town for three days
and he finally came home last night
I can't tell you how thrilled we all are
especially me
not only do I miss HIM like crazy, I miss someone to cook us dinner
and enjoy cooking us dinner!
one of the other times he went away Janey made the comment
that she couldn't wait for daddy to come home
we were eating like we were in prison....seriously...

sorry I just don't cook

in my defense, I never had to
he has cooked since we have been together
heck our second date was him cooking dinner for me and he has been doing it ever since
I think I have made dinner 10 times since we have been together...maybe
believe me I know how lucky I am
I tell him that almost daily
but the guy really loves to cook
and who am I to stand in front of a man and his passion??!!??!!
tonight I did manage applesauce, fruit, buttered wheat bread and a box of mac n cheese
all with a sad baby on my hip
he came home rather late and the best part was
I was the only one awake when he arrived...ahhhhhh...

we really missed you baby

he brought home these goodies
for his big and biggest babies

never had this popcorn before and it is yummy!


Riley made this poster at dessert time last night
{I have no problem in the dessert category!}
she said they are all things she loves


my parents are coming to visit today
we are all so excited
the weather looks like it will be just beautiful


my vacuum cleaner broke :(
we have central vac and the repair man can't be here until Monday
my poor stick vac is going to choke when my mom's two Golden's arrive


so there you have it
a quick look at my randomness

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!
Enjoy the day,


{Lunch Box Notes}

So how are your daily lunch box notes going?
staring to dwindle a bit?
running low on material?
can only say
"Thinking of you and have a great day"
so many times?
Believe me, I feel your pain.
Having to come up with something cute, clever and uplifting
so early in the morning isn't always easy.

 I got this idea from seeing all the
"Tag Your're It"
question games floating around in blog land.
Lately I have been asking them a question.
Something simple to ponder.
I usually put my answer on the back.
 When they get home we share our answers during snack time.
They have really enjoyed it so far.

{my answer BTW is bluish grey and new PB bedding...}

Two days ago I did a little test.
Aubrey was up early and I was running a bit behind
so I skipped my note for the day
I wondered if they would care
even really notice

The first thing they each said after school was
"Mom...you forgot my note!"
I guess they really do care!

Got any inspiring ideas to share?
Enjoy the day,



on Sunday Riley and I went on a date to Target.  
it was a quick trip.
pop in and pop out.
but these days I take any opportunity I can to get one of the big girls alone.
and we all know that some of our best conversations 
happen in the car right?

we started reminiscing about our vacation out West
we went in 2008 and it was THE best family vacation EVER!
we flew to Utah and then drove to The Grand Tetons and spent 5 days camping
all of us dream of going back there...someday
{forget it... I dream of LIVING there...someday}

this morning I looked back through the photos from that trip 
oh my goodness they look so little
here are just a few of my favorites

very big into ballet posing in those days:)

see what I mean...

they were pretending to get married

silly Janey with her candy stick

nature's see-saw

love it

love that hat head

real live tears the day we left 

I promise you girls we will go back!

Do you have an all time favorite family vacation?
Enjoy the day,