{Janey's Un-Sleepover Sleepover Birthday Party}

so, after last years party this one was a breeze.
and super fun to plan and get ready for.

janey is all about snuggling and being cozy.
one day we were brainstorming ideas for her party and decided that an "un-sleepover sleepover" would be just perfect! 

all the coziness and chit-chat of a sleepover but without all that sleeping over part. :)

in her invitation she asked the girls to come dressed in jammies, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers. they also brought along a favorite stuffed animal (or three) to cozy up with.

we set up the basement with comfy places to sit and chat and had all the games and snacks ready. 

when the girls arrived they filled out a little survey. silly questions about dream jobs and things that "give you the willies". we sorted those questions into groups and had fun talking about everyones answers. they also wrote down the name of their stuffed animals they brought and they had fun matching the name to the animal and hearing each others stories about where they got them.  it was also good to hear we weren't' the only ones that had to travel all over town looking for left behind lovies!:)

then it was blanket time!
janey loved passing each blanket out to her friends. she was so proud of them and took so much time picking out just the right print for each girl that day at the store. sweet! everyone was super surprised and happy. it made alllllll those cuts worth it.:)

when we cut them out we tied just the bows for each of the corners and one per side to hold them together. the girls tied the rest and chatted and laughed the whole time. i really loved that part!

a few games and more chatting before presents and cake.

is that a happy smile or what?
she kept coming up to me all through the party thanking me and telling me she had so much fun!
i love that little girl!

happy party day janey!
glad you had so much fun...you deserve it!
i love you,


  1. What a wonderful idea!
    I love it, Cindy!
    I am not a "sleepover" mom. At all.
    This is perfect!
    Happy Birthday to your girl. : )
    And I should know this...but how old is she now?

  2. What a peaceful party that seemed to be. All the prep, all the work was worth it for sure. Janey sure was happy! And everything looked so beautiful! I loved seeing it all!

  3. Ha, what a great idea for a party! It looks like Janey has a wonderful group of friends, and the party looks so fun and cozy :).